March 2, 2017


So me and other 5 super cool girls – Alika, Patt, Nadine, Saffron, and Rahajeng got the chance to be the face of #cottoninkdenim campaign! So exciting....! We were all dressed in super basic and casual clothes by Cotton Ink. Gotta say I have my eye on this super light blue mom jeans (I'm a sucker for high waisted jeans and straight cuts)

Watch the BTS below

To be honest for me, it's really hard to find a good jeans. I found all the jeans that I have are too big ? But when I tried them on in the store, it fit just find. I have no idea why, but anyways.. I have some of my fav jeans all of them are high-waisted because I don't like butt cracks and you don't want people to see it.

How I style my jeans really simple, I like to pair it with white t-shirt or crisp shirt. Depending on what occasion you're going to, if it's a casual setting – you can just go t-shirt jeans and coverse combo. If it's slightly  trendy setting, I'll go with t-shirt jeans blazer/jacket and pointed pumps. If it's my work setting, I'll go with jeans, top with some details and a statement shoes. It's really crucial to have at least 1 good jeans in your closet – it's a very essential piece, you can wear it daily and just do whatever you want

Photographed by ILA SCHAFFER 

Check out the full collection on COTTONINK

February 14, 2017

V-Day and Chill

  • It's Valentine's Day ! For me it's a hectic weekend, Studio Jiro was packed with orders (thank you everyone for the support!) and even tho we were feeling a bit under the weather, Thank God we still managed to pull everything off.

Whether you have a fancy dinner planned, i hate valentines day dinner planned, who cares? What matter most today is that you love your life. Don't forget to love yourself, always strive to do better. (HAHA) Anyways, don't forget to show some love and appreciation to those you love, maybe it's your boyfriend, best friends, parents, or even TTMs. We know how tough life is, it's important to remind those who are special to us that they really are. And honestly, who doesn't love flowers?

Anyways, IF I don't have any dinner planned tonight, I would be watching my favorite movies - and here's a list for all of you what to watch tonight. It's a random mix of Korean Drama and romcom movies. Enjoy and have a sexy Valentine's Day XX


Played by Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet tells a story about how fun and effortless a relationship should feel. I always tell myself that I want to feel that kind of relationship where you can totally be yourself and making fun of each other. And those scenes under the moon... so pretty


You have HEATH LEDGER in this movie, what else are you waiting for? It's funny, full of sarcastic remarks. I love love love love it.


This is my current favorite Korean drama. It's very light and you just want to laugh all the time, also the kind of relationship I want in life. It's very heartwarming and omg NAM JOO HYUK is so cute I can't. Btw me and ren do this all the time HAHAHAHA. To watch this drama you can watch it here


Another rom-com. It's just so funny, and I'm pretty sure when you do actually do the list here you'll end up losing your guy on step 3. Oh, Kate Hudson in that yellow dress is just loveeeeee


I'm a huge Disney fan and Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. Sometimes I wish I were a mermaid so I can be friends with all the fishes and see all the wonders underwater. 


I love young Leonardo Di Caprio and this movie is just so smart and so entertaining. I find story line about conmans, detectives, lawyer are so interesting maybe that's why I really like this next tv show


Harvey Specter is just UGH! I mean confident but fragile and his bromance with Mike is one of the reasons why you should watch the series. and Sassy Donna.. loveeee!!! Their wardrobe for the show is also very sharp. me likey!


My favorite Sofia Coppola's movie. Everything here is just so pretty – and I just love Marie Antoinette's story. It's very captivating and how she was beheaded at the age of 37 is just tragic. I love Coppola's art direction here, very different with Virgin Suicides. It's lighter, colorful, and more fun with dark edges too. 


My mom took me to watch this movie and I fell absolutely in love with it. It's my number one favorite dance movie and after this comes Bring It On and Step Up. I've always been a fan of ballet, hello who doesn't read Mari Chan? I've always wanted to be a ballerina, I wish I had learn ballet when I was still a little girl. I found them so graceful, elegant and poise. Loveeeeeeee!

February 7, 2017


I am beyond excited as I share this news to all of you – another milestone ticked in my life. As none of you might know, I'm a huge fan of scented candles, perfumes, you name it. I love sniffing those lovely smell. So on this Valentine's Day, Studio Jiro decided to collaborate with Duft and Chandelle – one of my favorite scented candle brand from Indonesia. 

I'm a huge fan of Duft and Chandelle, I have like 5 candles in total. I did bulk buying once for my colleagues cus they love it so much. So on this collaboration, Sherly and I we picked peony as our base scent because we like how peonies smell. It's everyone's and our favorite. The smell is delicate, pretty, and not too strong. We try to make this scent resonates Jiro's personality – moody, feminine, undone, and most importantly rustic. So we put oud on top of our mix, and in just one go we found our favorite scent: RUSTICA! If you want to buy it, you can LINE '@studiojiro' (dont forget the @) for inquiries. We'll be selling the candle for 220k each. But on this Valentine's Day, we have a package along with the flowers so you can get the candle for a very special price. 

One more way to receive our candle, we're partnering up with LOVE BONITO Indonesia. We're having giveaway with them, read until the end to know how to win IDR 2,500,000 worth of gifts!

This Valentine's Day, celebrate love with Love, Bonito and Studio Jiro. 
Stand a chance to win @lovebonitoid shopping voucher of Rp1.500.000,- , a signature bouquet and Rustica candle courtesy of @studiojiro. 
Total giveaway worth more than Rp2.500.000. 

  1. Simply repost this image and use hashtag #FromLBwithLove 
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  4. PS: Don't forget to make your account public so we can see your post
  5. Winner will be announced on Friday, 10 February 2017.
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February 5, 2017

On Sunday We Wear Pink

Happy Sunday guys! Wishing you all of you a positive and great week ahead! Next week will be a busy week as we're entering Valentine period. So those of you who are still looking for a florist, don't forget to place your order for that loved one with Studio Jiro. We're still accepting orders until 7 Feb.

Anyways, today was a pretty good day – went to the church in the morning, had dim sums for brunch and lunch. Spent time with my family and friends. Need to do few arrangements for tomorrow's orders and I'm ready for the new week. 

I think on Friday last week, we discovered that Riccardo Tisci – Givenchy Creative Director exits the brand. I was in shock –really didn't know that it's going to happen like now. I think the fashion business are in shake with how the industry and trends are going. There are so many designers quitting the brand and moving around. Clare from Chloe also stepped down in the same week. Brands are changing directions and going towards the more street-lux look, brands hiring young and hip designers (e.g Demna from Vetements for Balenciaga), Supreme doing collab with Louis Vuitton (super smart business move), I've been feeling that Givenchy needs to create something again like what they did with the Rottweiler sweats, Nightingale bags, and studs –but didn't expect Tisci to exit this fast, he also didn't finish the women's FW17 collection, so there will be no Givenchy show in March. I'm really anxious and excited of the new era of Givenchy. Who will be the next successor? I kinda wish that a female designer would lead the team and give that feminine touch. Who do you think will take the reign? 

T-Shirt World Of Haru // Skirt Our Second Nature // Bag Rounn

Anyways, wore this skirt today and it's so comfy, and what would we love more other than pockets? 
 Will share with you my favorite collections from Givenchy on the next post... !