Good bye bad hair day!

/ March 11, 2016 /
It's Thursday when I wrote this, but it felt like Monday.. But good news is tomorrow is Saturday haha! I think they should make Wednesday is a holiday too, that way we can have a break to relax a bit in the middle of the week. Yeays to traffic free as well!
In this post I would like to share my experience with BlowPlusBar Jakarta. They're a hair salon franchise from Singapore and specialize in giving you permanent blow out while you're drinking wine. How cool is that? And as I've been raging about my disability in styling my hair, I figure this treatment is a LIFE SAVER. I mean, who does not one a #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS hair every day? well at least for the next 3-6 months....
As you can see above, the BEFORE and AFTER my permanent blowout 2.0. Why is it 2.0? Because before they do the treatment, they will apply olaplex —a bond multiplier for hair. So it protects your hair from all chemical products to maintain your hair original condition. Sounds good right. It's been almost a month since the blowout, and my hair is still smooth with no dry ends! So before I begin with the treatment, the stylist really gave me a thorough explanation on the treatment. He checked my hair type, asked me few questions whether I've dyed my hair before in the past months, have I dyed my hair BLACK/hyena before -which is very crucial because apparently if you've ever dyed your hair BLACK or BLEACH before, you won't be able to proceed with the treatment, they even will say no to you. Again, the final result will depends on your hair. Because everyone's hair is different. Keep on reading to know my experience! 
snapchat : sergeantkero
This is not my first time, but it's been 4 years since the last time I dyed my hair. Basically everything chopped off and grown already. So it's the real, virgin hair that I had on me. So after they wash and apply olaplex to your hair, they will apply curling solution to your hair and roll up your hair in segments. Then, they put a sponge between your scalp and hair so you won't be able to feel the heat. They're using electricity to heat up the metal roller, as u can see on the pic above.
After 20 minutes, the stylist will check one of the rollers, see if your hair is all curled up. If yes, they will apply another solution. After 15-20 minutes, they will take everything off of your hair and wash it.
Crucial final part, they will TEACH you how to blow dry your hair. It's very easy (even I can do it), you just twirl twirl twirl, dry it with hairdryer and twirl your hair. And ta-da!!! Below pictures are the result of my PERMANENT BLOWOUT 2.0 in BOLD. I absolutely loving it!

Extra tips, purchase a shampoo & conditioner that will hold your curls and protect your hair from chemicals. I'm using KERASTASE SOIN PREMIER THÉRAPISTE and BAIN THÉRAPISTE for shampoo. After mid-drying my hair, I apply the Kérastase Créme D'Huile Oléo-Curl that will help your hair to hold your curl! And please don't go to salon and let them pull and dry your hair, cus it will make the permanent blow out wont last long. So that's it, for more info you can ask me through instagram or the comment below :)
Happy Friday yáll! 

Loewe Obsessed

/ March 9, 2016 /

LOEWE Hammock Bag
Can I just say how much I've been obsessed with LOEWE leather goods lately? J.W. Anderson is amazing in rebranding the house, directing in towards a younger market, capturing the hearts of every girls who like to dress like boys -like me. I'm absolutely in love with LOEWE Hammock and have every intention of busting my ass to work for it. I mean, how cute and versatile it is? The barcelona bag prolly reminds you of Chanel Boy Bag, but hey even so.. The Barcelona Bag is really the cool bag with that triangle clasp at front with feminine evening slash everyday small bag. And let's not forget the ultimate PUZZLE Bag, hello? You can wear it 5 different ways and it comes in differens SIZES and leather types. So many varieties.. Can't wait to get my hands on one of them. 
LOEWE Barcelona Bag
LOEWE Logo Embossed Pouch
LOEWE Puzzle Bag in Black
LOEWE Puzzle Bag
Pics from collagevintage, phil oh, streetper, youngjunkoo, pinterest

Pleats for Monday

/ March 7, 2016 /

So it's Monday again! How's everyone doing? Hope you're doing fabulous and going to the right way to reach for your dreams. Today's post pretty much a throwback to an outfit that I wore few weeks back, wearing my favorite pleats skirt from ZARA. Got this almost 3 years ago when I was still in Korea, I gotta say this is one of the most versatile and chic piece in my wardrobe. Lucky you, I saw similar piece in ZARA few days ago. I guess it's true when they say fashion trends always come back.. 
Black Top ZARA / Pleated Skit ZARA / Grey Cardigan PLAY COMME des GARÇONS / Slingback Heels NINE WEST

I've been busy with my full time job and Studio Jiro. Both of them are having their own details that really require lots of preparation for the upcoming collaborations and event. For studio Jiro, last week I had the chance to arrange for HerWorld Indonesia, can't wait to see it published in April -and also, on Saturday, it was Studio Jiro first ever doing the full bridal package (we've done bridesmaid package before, but this is the first time we did the whole thing; bride, bridesmaid bouquets, groom, brother, & dads' corsages). I had the most fun arranging the bridesmaids and corsages as I find it very therapeutic. What do you think? 

Feggi Giovani with Studio Jiro Bride's Bouquet. Photo by @williamliee
Bridesmaids' Bouquet and Groom's Corsage. Photo by @ivanmario

DIY: Vetements Jeans

/ February 26, 2016 /

So, for the love of this VETEMENTS jeans that have been bugging my mind since I saw it on pinterest, I decided to do a DIY on one morning. It's been quite a while since my last DIY post (the first one was way back, when I did the shredded tee, leggings, and bleached denim), so I'm pretty excited for this one!
Final Look! Shoes from ASOS
The VETEMENTS jeans will cost you around $1400, that you can buy at FORWARD or SSENSE -but with this DIY, you won't be needing anything other than; your old jeans, scissors, and courage.

Distressed Old Jeans + Fabric Scissors + Courage
Your jeans is preferred to be your old jeans, cus you don't want to mess around to your new / favorite ones, what if you messed up the DIY and you have to cut it even shorter? LOL. Anyways, I would prefer a washed-light-blue color denim with some raw-distresed looking cuts/holes. The scissors can't be just any ordinary scissors, it HAS to be a fabric scissor otherwise you will get frustrated cutting it. So are you ready?


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