September 6, 2017

Career / Interviews Tips & Tricks

Hi everyone! Back with career post with me Kero.. How's everyone doing? I hope everything is well with you guys! So, before we go to the next chapter of my career journey, I want to share a bit with you guys some tips how to nail your job interviews! The list is based on my personal experiences, some are applicable for general readers, but for you fashion lova, I have some tricks up on my sleeves too.. So let's start!

August 28, 2017

Behind The Scene / Mundane

Happy Monday! Would like to share with you all my most recent collaboration with DUMA – definitely one of Indonesian labels that you are familiar with. For their newest collection called MUNDANE, I picked my favorite pieces, styled it ala me, and stroll around in Jakarta most oldest area, Kota Tua. Here I'm sharing with you Behind The Scene pics from that Sunday....

outfit from DUMA // bag from KEROKOO

August 26, 2017

Saturday Space / ARA

Finally on Wednesday I got the chance to visit ARA – a curated boutique in Kemang featuring Indonesia's most promising labels. I can say, if you in need of clothes for casual smart or even wedding events... This is the perfect place to shop! They have their own webstore, but it's better to visit and try on the clothes right? Besides.. their space is absolutely beautiful. I say, it's worth the trip to go all the way to Kemang.

Located on the 5th floor in COLONY (just right accross Kemchick) – the bright space gives you the right amount of natural lights. So many big windows and mirrors (which I totally love). On this special occasion, Alvin T collaborated by featuring some of his furniture pieces to decorate ARA

August 20, 2017

Career / The Dream Trip / Part 5

Back to career post with me again...! How's your week so far? I bet it's been awesome right? For me, My mood starts picking up.. I've been feeling a bit under with retrograde is shadowing my sun and moon. But I realized, I should always be grateful and not finding tiny details that I don't like. So stay positive, chin up, and seize the day!

Let's start..

At the end of 2015 – another opportunity arose. I was offered to move to another marketing team in MAP. Was I interested? Most definitely. Why? After working a year with my dream brand (ZARA).. I need a new challenge, a new dream to reach. So my decision was to keep an eye on luxury brands. I know after managing fast fashion– I would want to move to Luxury brands. During those months I had couple interviews, and I had no luck yet. So yes, I did fail on my interviews and it's okay!

Beside having a new dream, my other reason that got me interested to move to the other team is the brands that I was going to handle. I mean, LOEWE? That's one good reason why I should migrate to the other team. Jonathan Anderson debuted his first collection for LOEWE – SS15. The brand was changing, they're revamping the store, basically changing the whole Loewe DNA. I thought "THIS can be my stepping stone, a learning curve to my next career step" so then I took it. 

Of course it wasn't the only brand I was handling. I had 7 more (MaxMara, Max&Co, Weekend MaxMara, Swarovski, DKNY, Nautica, and Thomas Pink) but Loewe was the reason why.