June 22, 2011

bits and dots

So, how are you guys? I'm fine and feeling superb today :D I just had a really nice lunch with a friend and had quality talk. I want to let you know couple of things that happened to me on my 'hiatus'.

First, finally after 3 years of uni, I completed my Bachelor Degree in Management and Marketing in Curtin University back in September 2010. I went to Perth for my graduation although I spent my 3 years here in Jakarta.

After that I didn't start to look for jobs, because I'm quite lazy honestly, and I didn't feel like it. So instead of working, I joined baking class at Imperial Cooking School Tokyo, which is located at MOI, Kelapa Gading. I took Basic Course in French Patisserie and now I still go there to complete my other course in cooking and baking.

I also start my own business with a friend, making an online shop on facebook. You can add my clothing shop, Freja Shop and Du Jour Shop for make up shop.

I went to Melbourne back in early May to watch Katy Perry California Dreams Tour Concert and Justin Bieber Concert, and also to visit my sister. And after a while, I was thinking about getting another degree. Should I? Or should I just start working?

In the end, I'm so excited to start this new chapter of my life. I believe I'm still young, although I'm not that young (hahaha), but I believe we can achieve things that we dream about if we want it bad and work hard for it. Hwaiting!!

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  1. carol ! so happy to see you back to the blog world :) after all, you were one of those people who motivated me to start my own blog :D hehehee

    and yes.. the last outfit isnt my usual style..hahha (nyadar jg).. sometimes I just feel like going out of my comfort zone ;P

    all the best for you .. hope we can meet this summer !

  2. hi, ... *i don't know what to call you, since you're older (no offense) and we are not close, that i'm happened to be your blog reader, so basically we're strangers but i admire you A LOT*
    i'm glad that you finally make up your mind and decided to start blogging again!

    congrats for your graduation!

    regarding your question about taking another degree or not, i think it depends on what do you want to do for living. i wish you can find the answer, always pray for your best. :D

    and, i really like your second photo, makes me craving for cake right now. hehe. i wish you can post more photos about your cooking.

    talk to you later. keep blogging! :D

  3. aaaa welcome back to the blogsphere, olin! <3 :D


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