June 26, 2011


Hey everyone! How's your Sunday? I hope everything's good despite all the traffic. Anyway, this is my second outfit post and i want to let you know a little bit behind my blog name, CORALINE. Maybe you're familiar with the animated movie, Coraline that was based on Neil Gaiman's novel. But, my blog name doesn't have any connection to it, rather than it's simply my name Caroline with a little twist in it :P I have so much love for the color, CORAL. I love how the pink mixed with a bit of orange and yellow, i think the color is very lovely. So I decided to put Coral into the name and put my name's last stem "Line" to the word. Not that creative, i know.

Anyway, enough with the babbling, I just want to say how thankful I am to received such warm welcome from you guys ;) Thank you for following my blog, and i'll do my best. Have a nice weekend!

Alice In The Eve Ikat Print Kimono / Bershka Tee / Sass&Bide Short / Sportsgirl Clogs / Bershka TwoTone Clutch

Anywaysss.. Do you know that 2NE1 just had their comeback stage with their new all-kill hit song, "I'm The Best / 내가제일잘나가" ? I think the performance was really awesome and different from their usual performance, I think the gang performed with so much SWAG and attitude :D Their hair... omg, how can i even not talk about it! Just watch it, by clicking read more;



  1. That kimono is gorgeous! I love the print - this is such a great look!

    Thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely! We're now happily following :)

    sorelle in style

  2. kaki muuuu panjang skaleeee !!!
    i love the simple and casual outfit very much :)

  3. welcome back! you're very welcomeeee to come back!
    been missinggg you! ;)
    last time we bumped into each other in front of coles, melbourne!


  4. What a lovely post. The outfit is pretty cool, glad to discovered your blog.

    Hugs from:

  5. Were you the one that was creating the shredded t-shirt tips on gogirl magazine.com? if yes, welcome back!

  6. hey Caroline!!!
    so goooood to have you back!! hihihi ;)

  7. stuju ama michelle!!! welcome back btw olin am following you right away!


  8. i've followed and linked you. please do update ur blog regularly (:

    p.s: you've a good sense of style.

  9. thank you so much girls ;) im very happy to receive such warm welcome ;)

  10. bom brom tatata, tatatata... and you're back!!! :D

  11. thank you! anyway, followed u weheee

  12. wow lovely! oh and yes 2NE1 is indeed the best <3

  13. hi ! i really like ur style!! :) hope u come visit me.. i would really appreciate!! :) congratulation for the blog!

  14. Love it!! Love your Kimono and long-beautiful leg! :)
    btw, your blog name is so cute and creative.
    Always waiting for another post. ;)


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