June 28, 2011

a very pink post

Few years ago, I didn't really like pink, because it's so girly :P But now i love every shades of pink :) I think they are very lovely and so fun to be mixed and matched. Today I went to Sentul to visit a very close friend of mine, almost like a family really. I had a really fun time, and I'm going to go there again before my sister going back to Melbourne in the end of July :)

Anyways, please excuse my tired face, I didn't really have enough sleep because I'm downloading videos (GD&TOP, BIGBANG, 2NE1) to my new computer, and Secret Garden's new videos with eng-sub about Ha Ji Won & Hyun Bin's commentary are up on the net, you can watch them here. I'm a super big fan of Secret Garden. How can you not love Kim Joo Won? I want to marry someone like him :P I hope Hyun Bin will be alright in the marines, and i hope he's going to have some fun for his break in July 2nd ;)

Haha, I keep babbling about my love of Korea. Oh! Later in the end of the post I'm going to share 2NE1's new MV - I Am The Best, I love it :D

ZARA Fuschia Blazer / ZARA White Top / Chameleon Closet Lavender Short / ASOS & Diva Accessories / Pedder Red Blue Heels

Read more to watch 2NE1's new MV:

I cannot express how much i love this MV, few of my friends hate the styling in this video, but i find it very.. interesting. I love their hair, especially CL & Minzy's hair! I think only YG Artists can pull of such hair color :D Remember TOP when he had white hair, and blue-ish and lavender-ish hair in Ppeokigayo video (It's my favorite video from their album)? No? Look,

credit: tumblr.com

Tabi and GD Oppa looked soooooo freaking hot right :D I have so much love for YGFamily! Well, from all idols in Korea, i only like BIGBANG and 2NE1 haha, i've never liked other idols :P I'm gonna tell you later about my love for them in another post. About the video, do you see how pretty Park Bom in the first verse? When they're sitting in white round chair, so much SWAG. Dude, they looked so effin cool :D In my opinion, their dancing has pretty much improving, they danced with power and neat :D Ahh! CL!! You... you, i love you. Sandara, why are you still pretty even with all the weird things happening on your head? Minzy, you're younger than me and you rock!! 

내가 제일 잘나가!! 


  1. i had ssome issues with pink back then as well.. there was this pinky phase .. then i hated pink.. now i like pink again ! ahhaha :)
    i love the little bit of colorblocking here :)

  2. Great outfit! <3
    I see how much you love korean artists! :)

  3. my love for pink stays in my bedroom.. it's a tough color to pull off especially if u don't wanna look super girly. but u pulled it off well! oh about my outerwear, i think there's only one color, i bought it online tho..

    oh, hi there, TOP... are you pointing at me????? =p

  4. yes, you look great in pink. I've always LOVED pink!! And I like the colorblocking too :)

    Notes She Wrote

  5. OMG! FINALLY! mbak Carol is in da house ya! great to find you rawkin' the blogsphere again ^^
    Nah, i don't know this is accident or what but YES! i'm the one of 1452.256 something more soon "likes" donor from their fans Page, (YG management, 2ne1, and Big Bang!)oh of course ido agree Tabi and GD Oppa so so so breathaking! always proud of 2ne1 high street style also,.. ^^

    ah just never ever gettin enough talkin' about them ahah. Miss ya!

    PS : could we do link exchange as we done on your "The Sour Cherry" ???? and i've already put yours to my blogroll, heheh hope u remind me ^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  6. Omo!! Big bang and Hyun Bin are absolutely such a mind distraction♥♥ I wanna marry someone who look like Kim Joo Won as well!! Have u watched playful kiss? It is based on ita zurana kiss, one of my fav japanese series. You should watch! Kim Hyun Joong is so so cool.
    Btw, mind to link me on your blog? :)

    crunchy cheese me

  7. wow ♥ Welcome Back!

    Never thought you'll be back to the blogosphere world :D :D
    Ah well, as for me, I don't do pink much as it's clearly not a color I'm compatible with, but I do love seeing people in pink ;)

    Ah T.O.P, I don't know how many weeks already I've put Big Bang as the "recently played" playlist. High High is damn HOT ;)

  8. i love secret garden too! Hyun Bin is so lovely, and the drama is very nice :D


  9. Cute post!!
    Love your blog so much.)))

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  10. 2NE1!! i am the best! *scream* haha
    you look so pretty love..
    super duper!
    loving your accs and ur hot pink blazer woot woot!
    got an eye on your cute pow bracelet!


  11. Hey cute shoes ! love the colors and how you mix all those colors beautifully... Great job


  12. You are so damn pretty! :) i think i will follow you! have a nice weekend!

  13. oh goodness you're so chic in that blazer!!
    can i take pics of you for fun if you have time? fashion pics, of course :)



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