August 5, 2011

i wanna be pretty

Went for a photoshoot with a friend last Thusrday :D Gonna post the pictures next week, I haven't finished editing them :) Anyway, I hope you guys will have a great weekend :D I've been waiting for this weekend to come! I also have been loving August so far :) How about you? Here are some "teaser" of my photoshoot. My friend took the picture when I was fixing my make up. I'm using MAC Studio Fix+Foundation for my powder, and I've been using MAC To The Beach Marine Life as my blush (it supposed to be a highlighter). Enjoy your weekend!

Yesterday I've been spazzing on twitter over 2NE1's comeback on M Countdown, they performed 3 songs in 3 different stage; I Am The Best for opening, then Hate You and Ugly. They won song of the week and they performed Ugly for encore :) I just love them so much. I was getting all emotional when I was jamming to Ugly. "Just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty! Don't lie to my face telling me I'm pretty!" Watch their performance here;

2NE1 - 110804 - MCountdown

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  1. Can't wait for the pictures! It's gonna be great! Love your backpack!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. the picture can't be opened, something wrong with flickr i guess...

  3. me encantan las fotos, son preciosas,bonito blog!!

  4. Hai, why the photo is unavailable? :(

  5. hope your photos show soon! that song is pretty catchy

  6. oh noes! there are no photos, cant wait to see them :)

    Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! :D

  7. i cant see the the way i love your blog !
    you have a broad taste in fashion !
    im followin you, id love you to do the same to keep in touch!
    also if you want to visit me, leave a comment id love to have your feedback !

    juls x

  8. The pictures are unavailable? >< I love 2NE1 as well! xo

  9. Your yellow bag is so nice, love it.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. ohh yay your pics are fixed noww :D im really into mustard atm so i lovee your mustard rucksack!! xx misstea & co.

  11. Your blog is amazing!I love it
    I love your photos too :)
    hope you'll visit mine, kiss from France:)

  12. I also use MAC studio fix for my powder :) by the way i like the combination of your outfit, orange and blue :)


  13. Can't wait for seeing the full photos!! The colours are so summer-ish hehe which one do you like the best in 2NE1? :D

  14. loveeeee the bag!
    can't wait to see the pictures. must be awesome :)



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