November 3, 2011

Debenhams: Bloggers Styling Competition// Marcella Caroline

Marcella Caroline, the girl behind Footloose & FancyFree started her blog 3 years ago, in 2008. She loves writing and scrapbooking. So she kept doing that until she realized that it will be more simple if she blogged about it. Then it became her online diary. And then, she knew that art and fashion couldn't be separated from her. They inspired her.

When she was asked about her personal style, she thinks that "a clothing chameleon" really represents her. She dressed herself according to her moods and wear what she wants to wear. But as time passing by, she said that her feminine side is starting to dominate. "Everybody has their own imagination. Women's appearances vary. You got your style when you got your confidence!" is what she said when she was asked about her opinion to personal style. Do you agree? 

As for the Fall 2011 trend, she's going to rock the peter pan collar. I really agree to this! I love collars, and I will follow her footstep rocking this trend :D When asked about her key pieces in her outfits, she said... "confidence". She tends to keep everything in the flow. Just let it flow. I guess we should follow her too then? Keep it chill.. 

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  1. lovely pictures! i love that orange dress x

  2. Love the hair, too cute!!


  3. you and her really pretty with lovely outfit.

  4. You two look so pretty.. And she is working that orange dress!

  5. i love her bag :)


  6. I just love your blog!

    Start dreaming on

  7. i love your style. very feminine and clean.

  8. HI your blog is simply wonderfull ! I opened one too... and would be vey happy if you would visit and follow it !
    xo xo

  9. The bag is very very nice, like it

    Rianna xx

  10. Lovely!
    Thanks for your sweet comment ♥

  11. i love you. You're pretty and stylish. hearts always for your all looks :)

  12. her necklace's awesome! :D


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