November 6, 2011

Debenhams: Blogger Styling Competition // Sonia Eryka

Sonia Eryka started her blog, Diary Of: The Riotous Belle back in 2009. She started her blog because she loves art, especially photography. Fashion editorials became her inspiration for starting her fashion blog. Her style is influenced by music, she loves vintage clothes when she's listening to some old music and then she feels a little bit grungy when it comes to rock music for a day. But basically, her style is inspired by the 70s.

"Personal style means being in zone where you wear anything you enjoy the most, the style that could boost your confident & make yourself the most 'YOU' you could possibly be" that's what she said when she was asked about personal style. She's feeling the 50-60's vintage atmosphere to the dresses with very soft tones. Leather & nude pieces are also dominating this fall. She will definitely rock the trend! Are you gonna rock these trends too?

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  1. i love her style! thanks for sharing.. :)

  2. Oh,loving your blog from the first sight.
    I love Sonia Erika too. She has a unique and great style.

    Following you btw. What a pleasure if you want to visit or following me back.. :)

  3. AMAZING!! love this :)


  4. Your pictures and outfits are amazing! I love all of them!!

    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow if you like :)


  5. sonia is a multi-talented young lady..
    I love your post anyway <3

    lotta love,


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