November 16, 2011

Ronzaro Customizable Shirt

As much as I love fashion, I gotta be honest with you.. I'm not that 'expert' when it comes to menswear. I love guys in suits, obviously. I love guys who dress nice, clean, polished, even better when they smell nice! Don't you agree? In short, I love guys who have great taste in fashion and simply can dress himself (he has to know what looks good on him!) Anyway, I'm quite blind when it comes picking up shirts sizes for guys, and I don't know the difference of the pleats, double collar, or anything. I just know my dad's shirt size. But  ONE THING I do know (in my own opinion) in order for guys to look good in shirt, those shirts have to be well-fitted. Because when it's too loose or too tight, it will ruin the look! Anyway, I was introduced to this new Singaporean brand called Ronzaro. All they said that I can customize it, but hello!! I didn't know that I can customize the shirt into so many details. My mind was blown away. Like seriously, you have to try it. Their 2nd collection is available today! Grab one now!

When you open the website, you will get to choose which shirt from the available collection you want, after you choose which shirt you want, the website will allow you to choose, what kind of collar you want, they have peter pan collar, classic collar, short collar, even no collar! You will get to choose how you want the fit, if it's slim fit, tapered fit, or classic fit. You even get to choose how the bottom of the shirt's cut, and how the wrist looks like, you want it single or double pleats, and even the back pleats. The best of all... You get to embroidered your initials. In my case, I chose slim fit, with classic collar, double pleats wrist. I embroidered my friend's initial on the left cuff. 

After you customized your shirt, you're going to choose the size, you can also choose the customize sizing that you will provide yourself, but I don't bother that much, so I chose the usual sizing. Then you can pay the shirt with credit card and paypal. Shipping time? OMG It was so fast I cant' believe it. It was shipped on Friday, and I think I got it on Tuesday. Less than a week! And it came with a big FedEx box, and when I opened it.. Tara.. You can judge it by looking at these pictures. Anyway, if you put SERGEANTKERO on the code when you're gonna pay, you're gonna get a free personalized metal collar :)

my friend's initials on the left cuff

Personalized Metal Collar

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  1. sure this looks amazing! ;)
    love the detail. so neat and tidy. very posh!

  2. Nice pictures! :)

  3. The details are amazing! Would really love to see your picture wearing it!

    The Picnic Girl

  4. wow personalization to the max. thank heavens they have peter pans.

  5. nice! <3


  6. nice shirt from Ronzaro, simple and neat :)

  7. love the color and the detail

    new follower here

    hope we can follow each other


  8. This is quite interesting! Will check out the website, thanks so much for sharing!


  9. look so exclusive. i love the paleness of the color! great choice!


  10. so polished, like it! <3

  11. The shirt looks exclusive and elegant for sure! loving the details too <3

  12. hey dear,

    we have tons of NEW ARRIVALS item comings, do check at our webstore now :) happy shopping :)


  13. Beautiful shirt! I really like it1



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