March 25, 2012

Glowing Sunset

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I think this picture is so pretty, I was so mesmerized by the sky colors when I come out from my room. It reminds me again, how great God is. He can make something beautiful like this, and for me able to see such colors.. in life is truly amazing. Thank you God for everything! Anyways.. Finally today I took some pictures for me to blog :D Going to edit them right now and post it tomorrow or the day after :D Annyeong~ Have a great week ahead everyone!

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  1. what a great shoot Carol! i'm totally hypnotized

    love from!/

  2. wow,.. good shoot Carol, totally hypnotized!

    Love from!/

  3. why do you never post any outfit post anymore?? I miss it :(

  4. i do agree with you about how great God is! nice shot ci ;)


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