March 4, 2012


Recently I've been addicted to the term of eolzzang (read: ulzang / 얼짱.) In Korean, eol means face, and jjang means best, so ulzang means best face. These lovely ulzzangs are quite famous in Korea for their pretty face. Most of them modeled in Korean clothing shop like Style Nanda. This girl, I forget the name, damn she's so pretty and I just totally love her hair. Well, I know most of Koreans fixed their face, but they look so damn good O_O and the amount of make up they applied is not even that much (aside from BB Cream) Most of them just focus on the eyebrows and put a good amount of eyeliner. I just love it :D Anyway this girl below is posing with HIGH CUT Magazine with Jay Park on the cover :p

source: tumblr
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  1. JP love <3 tee hee
    anw, she's gorgeous!

  2. all are damn gorgeous <3 <3

    i love their hair a lotsss <3


  3. she is toooo pretty! :D
    (repeat isle of view 7 times. Find something? ;))

  4. ulzzang = natural at its best. and that high cut with jay park cover *makes a grabby hands*

  5. Aaaaa.... She's sooo cuteee!!!

  6. omg she is such a stunner! i love the styling so muuuuch~~

  7. AW! Gorgeous! I agree with you that Korean girls are damn pretty. indeed.


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