April 25, 2012


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HELLO EVERYONE~ 안녕 여러분~~ Can you see a difference in my blog? I have moved my domain, again, to WWW.SERGEANTKERO.COM. Why? Because I can :> Nah, I just thought I think I should buy sergeantkero.com, because sergeantkero is my identity! So I thought, and well.. Some of you and most marketers always get my blog name mixed up (carolcoraline, coralcaroline, etc). So.. If they want to visit sergeantkero's blog, they now just have to type "www.sergeantkero.com" kekeke~ easy right^^ Hopefully everyone enjoying their week, so excited for this week to end. I just wanna sleep all day. 안녕~^^

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  1. love the new domain, simple and easy to remember ;)


  2. i think the new domain suits you best than the previous one :D



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