May 12, 2012

Kim Soo Hyun for Harper's Bazaar Korea May 2012

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Finally I found all of the scans to his editorial for Harper's Bazaar Korea May 2012 edition. For those who don't know, Kim Soo Hyun acted as Lee Hwon, the King in The Moon that Embraces The Sun drama (for short, Sun Moon drama-해를 품은 달). I've watched this drama twice, I think the story line is really good, no cliche triangle drama, the story line is really simple, the casts are also perfect. Kim Soo Hyun also played in Dream High along with Suzy, TaecYon, WooYoung, etc. I didn't watch the drama though, because it doesn't really interest me. 
Anyways, I think Kim Soo Hyun is extraordinarily handsome. And you know, I'm a sucker for guys who dress well, nice shirt with sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, and I'm all about guys in suit.  I particularly like the styling in this editorial. His hair was perfectly styled, and the clothes were also nice too~ Aahh~ Soo Hyun traveled to London to shot these beautiful editorial. Do you know he set a new record in Korea for the most actor to act in CFs (commercial films)? He now has more than 17 brands that he endorsed, including SAMSUNG Notebook. I wouldn't mind buy anything from him kkk~ 
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Ah! He just shot an advertisement for J.ESTINA (handbags and jewelry brand from South Korea) with, Kaya Scodelario. Yes, that Effy Stonem. Jealous? You should be :> Apparently he mentioned in an interview that Kaya is his ideal woman ㅠㅠ
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  1. omg these photos give me eyegasm :b i cant get enough of his charm OMG. ci you really should watch dreamhigh 1, he is more than handsome there ;D

  2. *kyaaaaaaaakkkkk* he's so handsome. Keren banget banget banget banget.

  3. OMG OMG! I dont know what to say but he made me melted!
    <3 <3 GREAT POST!

  4. I just love him! and he is super good at acting and doesn't depend on his good looks.

  5. heeey i like him too! you should watch him in god of study. he's awesome.

  6. heey i heart this cutie too! you should watch him in god of study. he's fabulous.

  7. omg!
    he is so handsome!
    nice post ci!


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