May 6, 2012

Mini Lust

Small Bayswater Satchel Hot Fuchsia Spongy Pebbled £695
Cookie Small Bayswater Satchel Oak Soft Matte Leather £850

I have been looking for the perfect weekend bag, when I saw the Small Bayswater Satchel in Hot Fuchsia few months back, I was like OMAYGOD!! This bag is so me, it's like perfect, but then few weeks ago, I found out that the bag was sold out in net-a-porter. Anyways, I was browsing around again just now and I saw this cute little cookie small bayswater from Mulberry at their website. I think these bags are so cute, I know I'm all about colors, but the "cookie" cutout is too hard to resist, and getting an "oak" color bag is never a wrong choice to make for me, especially it's a Mulberry oak color. But, on the other side, I love pink and I've been wanting that particular pink bag since like forever (plus its cheaper). Anyways, Happy.. Sunday guys, it's Monday again tomorrow. /sobs.

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  1. ooh the standard oversized alexa bag is good too. mulberry <3

  2. Beautiful blog and I love the bags!!!

  3. i really love the brown one, it reminds me of cookies and makes me hungry :p i think the pink one is so you ci, might as well purchase it :p


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