June 25, 2012


아랑22이 김치찌개 / Arang22 Kimchi Jjigae

So, yes! Finally.. Tomorrow I'm going to step on the mother land of all fangirls. I'm going to South Korea! It's been a long time dream of mine to go to Korea, well since.. all the fan girling started with Bigbang.. Ya know :P Anyways, I'm going to look around for school to go to there and see some stuff around :) Hopefully I won't get lost, already made a to-go/how-to-go list. Please pray for me :) See ya around <3


  1. envy you! have a great beautiful trip there :)

  2. I just came back from Seoul 3 days ago!!! and I got to meet Leeteuk (leader of suju) theree accidentally hahaha I hope you're able to meet TOP or other bigbang member xD I will be so jealous to death if u did :P

  3. awesome!! hope ur have a fun trip!!

  4. Whoaa are you going to continue your study in SK? That's really great! That's one ogf my dream too... :)
    anyway enjoy your trip! ^^

  5. wow, korea! enjoy your trip! i wish I can go to there too someday....

  6. i hope you are enjoying korea right now ci carol! :D xx

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