June 3, 2012



BIGBANG new single has dropped last night :) So happy~ There are so much emotions in this song and tbh this is one of my favorite MV from BB. YB's hair tho~ LOLOL. I just can't. At first I didn't really "feel" the song because I streamed it in the car, didn't focus at all. Anyways, I think the MV is just.. BOOM! And the song at first feels weird, but after second time listening to it, it just stays on my brain, until this morning. I woke up in the morning and I can barely hear "Baby I love you but I'm not a monster". I just love this song, the lyrics are so full of emotions. You have to listen to STILL ALIVE too! OMG that song, is just amazing. I just love the whole STILL ALIVE album from track 1 to 9. Buy the album here on iTunes. Anyways.. Ahh Dae looks so hot, GD.. bows down. I just love his red hair, TOP come on how can you look so good? Ri.. baby so cute cute cute and hot^^~

Anyways.. Thank you BB for always giving us the best music♥ Let's camp out on the roof! PERFECT ALL KILL~ I love love love this album so much♥ 빅뱅 짱! 빅뱅 대박^^♥


  1. This is my favorite song and MV from Big Bang!

  2. this is my third favorite song from BB after fantastic baby and blue. still alive is amazing too. my teacher played that song when i was having lesson and it keeps on echoing inside my head till now :p

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