September 18, 2012


G-Dragon - CRAYON

How awesome really is this video? This is my favorite video evarrrr. Like its so colorful, crazy, funny~! Can you see the THOM BROWNE FW12 Looks? It's like straight from the runway looks. My favorite scene would be him.. shaving lol. I was like having a feeling that he might go topless in this video cus he's been working out, and in previous 2 videos we really haven't seen his abs.. and then BAMN here it is. LOL. Another scene would be him driving that car, and then omg.. LADY Ji. man.. He's cray. Then him shooting himself from above.. so CUTE. LOL but anyways.. Because of the video, I love the song even more. They should've released the video when the songs were out. Anyways....


  1. love those colorful bold apparels, hilarious! ><

    Letters To Juliet

  2. i also love G Dragon since this Crayon video launched!
    But honestly i love TOP more hahaha

    Anyway thx for the comment on my blog. following you now.

    Putri Soe
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