October 18, 2012

DOVE White Beauty Bar

When was the last time I'm using a soap bar for shower? I guess... not in the last decade? Wearing a soap bar doesn't really do for me, since well.. It's slippery, so it's easy to fall down to the dirty floor. But, some what around a week ago my friend was telling me that she started trying the soap boar for her facial wash. I was like... really? Soap bar for your face? 
Dove Bar

Dove Bar2 

Dove Bar3 Then I tried it.. And well.. Gotta say.. It works! And somehow, you know there's also this friend of mine who has bad acne problem and he tried all kind of soaps, start from the cheapest one to the most expensive dermatologist facial soap.. None of them works.. Until he use the soap bar for his facial soap.. What did I know when I ask him what soap boar he use? He said Dove White Beauty Bar. I was like whoa I use that as well!

Well, now I've been using the soap for a week and I feel that my face is smoother and moist~! Love it :)

Thank you DOVE White Beauty Bar :)


  1. lovely review! it seems and sounds great, will try it :P

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  2. I use this one too, the only bar soap I will ever use actually.

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