December 9, 2012

ONE OF A KIND - The Pre Concert

Ah.. Finally home back in Jakarta after a fun week in Tokyo with my sis, went to watch BIGBANG in Tokyo Dome and just spending bonding time with her, just the two of us^^. I was lucky enough to experience such thing, definitely now can scratch this from my bucket list, I'm so so grateful for everything. Anyways so many new experiences that I got from the trip, one of them is that I got to experience watching BIGBANG in Tokyo. I've heard people saying that watching BB concert in Japan is another different thing than watching them in other country (of course you have to watch them in Korea) . And now I can confirmed from what I've experienced in 2 concerts before (Singapore & Indonesia) this one definitely different.

There are few reasons why. One, they got to sing in Japanese. You get to see Koe Wo Kikasete live, this song is not being sung in other country. Only in Japan. You got to listen their Korean songs sung in Japanese. Then two, you got to experience shits with JVIP. From what I've experienced myself, JVIPs are so fucking friendly (doesn't mean other VIPs are not friendly.. but I dont know why every single JVIPs that I know is fucking awesome and extremely friendly^^~). Three, the awesome crowd and pre-concert experience. Four, just because Japanese are so fucking well-organised. Now let me break it down. I'm sorry because this is going to be a long post, and it's really hard for me to write without being all over the place.. hahaha

So, on 5 December 2012.. I woke up at 5am. Me and my friends were deciding to go as early as we can (around 5am (LOL this one failed, cus Tokyo was so cold and so I decided not to be at Dome at 5am. Dont wanna get sick :p)). But anyways.. I got to be there at 6am the main area was still so... empty. When I arrived, there was already a queue line- to buy merchandise. I was pretty at the front like I have 20-30 people in front of me, but from what we know the VIPs ticket holder got to buy the merchandise at 10am - while us, at 11am. It's pretty nerve wrecking because  we know that Japanese merchandise are so fast to sold out, so we went as early as we can so we can buy all the shits that we want. Anyways, since the morning there were already SECURITY & STAFFS. They already made all the queueing lines (not at the booth, but at the bridge.) Every people that just came are directed to the queueing line (SO ORGANISED). They count how many people, and like always informing stuffs -they're like keeping you updates, about what to do and shits. Then security and staffs started to getting the booth ready around 8-9am. The booth to buy merchandise was so LONG. Like they have around 20-25 booths (this is so efficient, because this makes everything SO fast and well organized). So all the VIPs ticket holder get to queue in a new line around 9.30 so they can buy the merchandise first. I thought there were going to be a LOT of them, but apparently not. After the line moved to the booth, we got to move too. SO FAST RIGHT? It's not even like 10am. So VIPs are at the front queueing - they have their own queue line, then beside their line.. there was our line. After VIPs scanned their "credit card" like tickets.. They entered the merchandise area.. As I said there were so many booths, so the line keeps on moving. Every booth has like 5 people in queue. So organized. Then after the VIPs dont have anyone in there.. We get to buy as well! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? It wasn't even 11am yet! Before, they already given out the merchandise list flyers (which was really well-made) where you can see all the pics and price list. So you know what you want to buy when you get to the booth (but, you gonna fail anyway and ended up buying MORE. LOL). 




So there I was, queueing in front of the booth waiting for the girl in front of me to finish her transaction. When I was there I just point the pictures and say how many. Then she took all of the merchs that I want and check the things with me again (whether she got all of them right or not). Then I pay.. After that me and my friends who finished almost at the same time as I did went out from the area and go the nearest stair to start ripping shits. Why? Because there are this random merchandises (the gummy's photos, the bracelet, and the voice keyholder). So you buy them but you don't know what color you're gonna get. My sister were so happy because she bought 4 watch bracelet, and she got ALL DIFFERENT COLORS. The experience itself was so much fun. We were like smiling, screaming with happiness when we get the color that we want. I wanted to collect all of them, so I had to exchange stuffs with other JVIPs. So we went around showing off our stuffs that we wanted to exchange and saying "Jiyong?" "Top-kun?" "VI?" "Daesung?" "Youngbae?". Then when we exchanged, the other person was also so happy. We were like jumping around and hugging, because we got the things that we want. Can you believe it? It felt so warm, like we're one big family united just because of these five babos. HAHAHAHA. As simple as that, finally all of us got what we want. What I realised is that.. when we exchanging stuffs, we don't care about other things, we just want to be happy, so exchanging stuffs without knowing the person is just natural. Completely stranger, but we can make each other happy. Isn't that just.. awesome?

Later did I know.. I already amazed by how organized the booths were.. But I didnt get to see my other friends who queued at the other side buying merchs.. So apparently.. THEY ALSO HAVE THE MERCH BOOTHS AT THE OTHER SIDE. So there were like SO MANY BOOTHS, so everything can be done fast and efficient. They don't make you wait long, I mean.. You queued, you buy, and you go. As simple as that. OR-GA-NI-ZED.

They have this booth for Official VIP Japan (in yellow booth), they also have a separate booth for buying the DOME CDs.. I think. Some of JVIPs have dressed up according to their bias. Really, I saw so many GDs! I saw so many Boy Londons, ONE OF A KIND Hoodie, Jumper, then the Comme des Fuckdown beanie (even I was wearing the snapback), then the Joyrich x Simpsons hoodie, backpack..  Everything was so awesome.

Its like somewhat around 12pm when we finished exchanging, there were already cosplays. But we decided to go back to our hotel first then meeting up for the concert later on. Okay. So here are some goodies that I managed to get^^~ I got all versions of photos and voice keyholders :D Yeay! Thanks to every VIPs that helping me to make this happen! :D 

The pillow is very.. big.
I didn't get the t-shirts, hairband, beanie, scarves. 

Reviews on the goods. The new JVIP lightstick is very but VERY CUTE. The crown is really nice :D but its kinda big. As for the towel, I liked pink but I decided to get the purple one, because I like the color coordination better :D The t-shirt, my sis' (she's a TOP stan) is pretty nice too. The voice keyholders are really nice, because you can have their voice in your pocket, everywhere (LOL). The gummy bracelets are also nice. Too bad my sis didn't get the blue one (riri's). The gummies.. Tasted nice. The shape is the BIGBANG Still Alive shape, the pentagon in different colors. The earphone plug is really cute. It will glows (red) when your phone moves. I got all five badge in same color OTL. Going to exchange with people from the Osaka dome and next Fukuoka :D Can someone be as nice exchange the Pink one with me :D Thank God they sell the bag, the bag IS SO BIG. Some people who didnt buy the bag brought a freaking SUITCASE. HAHAHAHA. Anyways.. It's okay to splurge on Japanese goods.. because they're just too awesome. 
Me and My Sis' Hauls
All Polaroids from the BIGBANG Gummy Completed!
Voice Keyholder: Pink - GD / Red - Taeyang / Blue - SeungRi / Green - TOP / Yellow - Daesung


  1. wooaahh freakin envy!!! and happy for you too!! :D I hope more VIP ina share their bigbang's overseas experience too. And I want bigbang's voice in my pocket!! Can't be more cute aaakkk!! This is pre concert rite? Will you write the concert and after con report too?? haha.. *too much to ask, but great if you do!!

  2. ajskfhdjfsdg so jealous right now! *-* I didnt even manage to get tickets for their only concert in Europe... T_T

  3. Aaakk so envy ~~~ light stick, bracelet & key chain-nya lucuk!

  4. your trip seems so much fuuuun!! and glad that you got most of the merchandises that you want (: so jealous w how fast and discipline it works in Japan!! i miss japan rofl

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