January 7, 2013


Seoul, 4 January 2013

Hello everyone! First of all, Happy New Year! I wish all of you all the best for this new year. I hope in 2013, we could achieve our long life dreams (or at least 1 step closer to achieve it), more blessings and happiness to come in 2013 :) Stay positive! Anyways.. Sorry for the super lacking post updates.. I've been busy settling down in this new.. country. To be honest quite a big step for me, considering my age lol. Yes, I've moved to Seoul to study. I don't know how long I'm going to be here, but I have my plans.. and I'll just pray for them.. 

In my honest opinion, before you "settling down" (aka getting married) you have to make sure that you have like... do all the things that you wanna do (when you are single). Cause there's no way you can suddenly ditch your family and do the stupid awesome things rite? So.. just make sure that you have no regrets in life. YOLOOOOOOO. HAHAHAHAHA. I mean.. Have fun, do stupid things but take responsibilities, we're only young once anyway :D 

view from my apartment

View from apartment. Thank God I've found the perfect place in a very short time. I just feel blessed for everything. Now that I have settled down (I just have to buy more things, make bank accounts, buy new number)... I hope I can most more outfit posts in the future :) One thing that I need to say is that... SEOUL IS DAMN COLD. I have no idea how people can survive here. Hahaha.. Moving from a very tropic country to Seoul.. is... challenging~! But fun! New experience right :) Anyways... See you in the next post :)

Have a great 2013~! 



  1. so pretty! xx


  2. goodluck in Seoul ci caroline!! you'll be fine :D


  3. so pretty >.< I want to go to Seoul!
    meet my idol , hihi .
    Goodluck there :) glad to hear you can touch those snowflakes .

  4. Happy new year cc and Good luck in seoul :))

  5. Wah Carol, I just know that you have moved to Seoul. Wishing you very good luck, Whatever you want to do just do it.

    Are you sure for study? ;p


  6. best of luck in Seoul, you are finally living one of your dreams! im sure you can nail it! :D

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