February 11, 2013

leather statement

BALENCIAGA Biker Jacket in Yellow from here

Have been like obsessed with leather jackets, especially Balenciaga, ACNE, and Phillip Lim. Those three brands. Just. UNFFFF. I really want one! Since the first time I saw Kstew wearing the Balen one last year, I was like DAMN. It looks freaking chic and doesnt look like the usual biker jacket that looks very... boyish? Like very rock and roll. Balenciaga one has this quilted details which I think is very interesting. I just love how the neck/collar line is just a simple round one. Anyways, it's interesting to have a bright color leather jacket, but I think it's (safer?) better to opt for black, cus its more classic. But maybe red or brown is another exception. Anyways, I found these 2 options at ZARA but they will cost me around $300 (which is kind of the same price with KENZO sweaters). So im still like... Should I buy or not, but it looks really really really nice. Like if its cheaper than $200, I wouldnt mind buying but its $300.. I can totally get something from high end brands with that price. But, it's leather and I've seen the leather quality and yes they're so soft and so nice, and it's warm too (guys I'm battling with -10 weather here). AH SO CONFUSING. So yes? no? Help!


  1. Yes for me if the quality is good. The red leather jacket is hot! :)

  2. rocking red leather jacket ❤

  3. love the yellow and red ones! :D

  4. Yes, colored leather jackets are sooooooo rad. Def to die for. <3 Inspiring post!

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  5. i saw the red ones in Zara basic and the black ones in trf, but here its only like $129 and $199.. and yea ikr ive been obsessed w Balen leather jackets since Kstew wore it, perhaps you need to get the Balen one instead ;p

    Letters To Juliet

  6. and Kristen got it in many colors for free *sobsss*


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