March 7, 2013

The Best of FW 13: VALENTINO

Now that Fashion Week for the Fall 2013/2014 Collection is over, I'm going to start posting some of my favorite collections! First of all.. It's kinda hard to choose between VALENTINO and LANVIN. These two collections are really. really good. Anyways to see the full collection click here. The first time I saw the preview picture of the collection (the first pic) I was like WTF. I've heard that Valentino collection is good, but I didnt expect it to be THIS good. I've always loved Valentino, but this time.. Valentino really hits me.

Starting with the babydoll look, with a simple black and white color combination, short cut dress, braids, headband, and a personalised clutch.. This look really made my heart skipped a beat. If you look at the details on the collar and the wrists..omg it's just very pretty - small white beads sewed into this beautiful -very valentino pattern. Very feminine and delicate. The first time I saw the braids I thought about MIUMIU SS2010 show. Anyways, later on Valentino shows us some coats, these two below are my favorite. The leather one is really really good.
Next we have the pleats collection, there was this pleated short dress in red (Valentino's red is always the best, fyi) which reminds me of the 18th century era maybe? To be honest the vibe of Valentino's show this time reminds me of the Shakespeare era, Romeo and Juliet, but somehow kinda reminds me of the 60's as well. Anyways, I really like the shapes that Valentino gives in this season.
This look below prolly one of my favorite. The flower pattern is just very pretty, the color combination is just prefect. I don't think you can go wrong with blue and white really. The details are just pretty. So so pretty. After the short cocktail dresses, they have the long gowns. Very pretty, I can see Kristen Dunst, Kate Bosworth, Florence Welch, and that girl... Lily Collins! wearing the gowns :)
And we have the bag. The have these studs with pearls clutch, very pretty. And you can also personalised your clutch with your initials! WANT!
Jac, she's so pretty, as always. I really like the clean make up look. I think this is the perfect everyday look. The no makeup - make up look.
WANT ONE. 8282

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