August 4, 2013

eat ate eaten

sunnies PRADA Baroque in Tortoise

I think.. soon Im going to be a food-blogger, no longer a fashion blogger. Seeing the amount of food I've been eating lately. I think I'm bingsoo-overdosed. Anyways, few days back I made lists on foursquare about where to eat, shop, and have coffee or dessert around Seoul. I'm kinda sad that I can't take pictures anymore for the blog. I feel like this blog is... being left behind? But I don't want it to happen! I hope I can update more often. It's not that I'm busy (except during exams period) -it's just... All of the sudden, I get so tired... or lazy. I had too much fun on tumblr, going out, then I dont have any time left to update :(

Is it just me or... as you grow older you need more sleep? Hahahaha. I used to sleep around 3am in the morning, and woke up around 6.30am. Now..?? If I didnt go to sleep at 11-12 (and I have to wake up in the morning at 7- need 1 hour to roll and gather my soul on the bed), I would be totally zombie-like the whole day. Is it that I dont exercise nowadays? But I think here in Seoul, since I walk everywhere.. that... counts as exercise? Right? I'm such a lazy ass.

For the 18241xxth times.. Im gonna say HOW FAST TIME FLIESSSSSS. I cannot believe that Im entering my 7th month living alone, in Seoul. So far... So good. I met few new friends, who are amazing. I feel so blessed, I got to celebrate my birthday, my mom's birthday, and my parents' 25th anniversary here in Seoul. Everyone was here.. I feel so blessed. 

Top ZARA / Pants ZARA / Sandals ASOS / Clutch MARNI

Few weeks back, the weather has been pretty crazy. It's like the clouds got into a fight or something, or prolly PMS-ing. It kepts on raining for 1 whole week. Then it got reaaaaally sunny. Then it rains. When it rains... Small drop. Big drop. Like seriously, make up your mind. Don't be a girl. But lately? It's crazy hot. It's so humid. It's not THAT hot, but you keep on sweating. ITS CRAZY. Please someone wake me up when Summer ends. I think you shouldn't come to Seoul during Summer. JUST... DONT. Come during Spring, Fall-Winter time. Those are the best time.

But one thing that I like from Summer.. well 2 things. First, SUMMER SALE (its Sale everywhereeee!! not kidding) then.. BINGSOO. And other kind of desserts that I cant even mention OMG. THEYRE SO GOOD. LIKE AMAZZZINGGGGLLY GOOD.

Pat Bing Soo - Lemon Bing Soo from BING BING BING - Hongdae
Cone Ice Cream with Honey Chips from SOFTREE - Garosugil
Royal Milk Tea Bing Soo from TWOSOME PLUS STUDIO - Hongdae
Lemon Meringue Cake from GLAMOROUS PENGUIN - Hannamdong
Carrot Cake from CECI CELA - Cheongdamdong

Okay.. I think that's enough for today. I hope I can update more tomorrow.. :)) Have a great week everyone!! 


  1. it's great to read your blogpost again! :D
    and it's so amazing to live in Korea ,, waaaant ><
    goodluck for the upcoming year at Seoul, cc!

  2. pls update more! life there looks so interestingggg xD

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