November 6, 2013

summer reminder

Miu Miu Sunglasses

I'm so glad glad glad... GLAD that summer is finally over. Summer in Seoul is NO JOKE. I wouldn't recommend you guys to come to Seoul during summer. I know it sounds silly because I'm from a country that is hot.. everyday. BUT! Probably one of the causes that I feel its really bad is because the weather transition from March being so cold and suddenly its all sunny and warm. BUT! The thing is during Summer.. (starting end of May-June ish until end of August) it literally RAINS... everday (well, okay most of the times) and it is so.. HUMID. I remember one time it reached like 42 degree or something (eventhough it shows 46 degree celcius on my phone, but i think its wrong). ITS CRAZY. You cannot turn off the air-con, walking outside is such a "HIMDEUN aka TIRING" job. That's probably why I ate so many bingsoo (aka shaved ice god) everyday over the summer. It's impossible for me to enjoy walking outside, because once you step outside your room... You will start sweating (ew!)  

Anyways... My favorite seasons is here! Fall.. Autumn whatever you call it, THE SWEATER WEATHER IS HERE! (Okay it's also the musim pancaroba cus you will get sick so easily~ so I have to be really careful!). Now I can see all the pretty trees.. All green leaves slowly changing to yellow and they will prettily fall... I promise I'm going to enjoy my remaining time here in Seoul.... JAK JAK JAK!

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  1. omg I think I just made a mistake. I booked flight to seoul for next June but according to what is written, it is gonna be rainy season :[
    anyway. enjoy fall!! love your sunnies <3



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