December 3, 2013

Plain Black

For me, every girl needs a good plain black heels. I know wearing heels sometimes could be painful (or most of the time) but good shoes is good shoes. You just can tell how the shoes has good quality (especially for heels) when the heels is just strong, how the shoe arch.. Is that even correct, but good quality heels has this "curve" that just makes your feet prettier and prolly less-hurts. For my personal preferences, I've always liked a good-pointed-toe pumps. I like the front narrow, it gives the "chicness". What are these type of shoes called? Court shoes? Anyways, since it's THE time of the year (yea, not Christmas.. SALE TIME!) Time to shop? So These are some of my favorites that I found on SSENSE.. Pretty nice right? For similar style from ASOS click here, here, here, or here.

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