December 14, 2013

Pucker Up!


I have a confession. One of the things that I'm addicted to in life is lip balm. I dont really use lip gloss, because I hate the sticky feeling. I dont really use lipstick too.. Cus.. Idk it's hard for me to really find the color that suitable to my skin color. So in the end I just use lipbalm. Above is a picture of few of my favorites lipbalm. I used to collect everysingle thing. This picture prolly miss one thing, the EOS Lipbalm -I lost it earlier this year and havent got the chance to buy a new one.

So yeah let's start talking about the first one on the left, it's LUCAS PAPAW Ointment. Pretty sure it's from Australia. I was introduced to this one back in 2011. I fell in love. You can use this for your lip, burnt skin, your cracked feet/heel. When you accidentally touch your curling iron/straightener, or touched that super hot pan when cooking.. You can use this too. Super multiuse!! and it's very cheap too. You can get it around $3 in Australia, but online it's like $30 for 3. They have a jar version too, since it's quite disgusting to use something for your feet and lip at the same time right? 

Next one to the right is the SMITH'S Minted Rose Lip Balm. They have other versions, but I like this one the most, because of the smell and the glossy-pinkish effect it gives to my lip. I've been using this for 3-4 years maybe. Apart from the effect, I really like the smell and how it really hydrates my lip. And for the record, I have a really dry lip. So yeah.. This is like my number one I think. I bought it at Sephora for SGD 15 I think..?

Next one is my drugstore favorite... And I've been using this.. since like... FOREVER. This one is VASELINE Lip Therapy in Cherry. They have the original one too without the cherry smell. But I love cherry, so I got this one. This one is so cheap, and you can get it at any drugstores. I just love this. Before I got the SMITH'S one, this is my favorite. This has no gloss, it has a matte effect. So it's only good for moisturizing, not for like "finishing" your look. 

Another goodie with fruity smell is MAYBELLINE Baby Lips. I think this is quite famous.. The price is quite cheap too. It has SPF, smells good, and will make your lip like a baby. One thing about wearing super good lipbalm is, when you have chaplips, you can remove all the dry skin like after you apply it few times.. And all my favorite ones can do that. Baby lips has few others selection as well.

And last one, is my newest addition. It's the FRESH Sugar Lip Treament. It has this smell.. that I can't explain. It's just.. good... really good. They have other scents/smell too-also with color. I really like it, and I've always been a fan of FRESH. I just love their.... Idk.. this aura that I get everytime I see their products. Like we have good products, please buy us!!! 

Ok, that's all.. I've tried Chapstick before and no, it's not good. And before I use everything here, I used to use this FOREVER Aloe Lips. It's also REALLLLLLY good, but I think it's kinda hard to find now. What else.. Oh those cute lip balms from Lip Smacker, yeah.. They're just cute. So.. what's your favorite lip balm? Please do share! Seen on the picture; Comme des Garcons pouch. Similar ones here or here.  


  1. I love Maybelline Baby Lips <3
    Cheap, easy to find, and works very well!!

  2. i use that Smith's balm too hehe. anywayss i like ur pouch! :D

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