December 6, 2013

Soft and Sweet

Remember that time when I told you I'm gonna do food post? Since I've moved to Seoul, there's a few things that change in my life... Like the fact that I've became a foodie. Now I like to find where they have a good food with good atmosphere, etc. One of the things that I really love in my life.. is ICE CREAM. And if you have the chance to visit Seoul, you have to try this "hip" soft ice cream place called SOFTREE (소프트리). The first branch that I knew is located in Garosugil- this is not a tourist area, usually if you go here with a tour, you won't be going to this area. How to get to Garosugil? It's located at Sinsa Station (Line 3 - Orange), and go out at exit 8. And just walk straight until you see MISSHA at your left and make a left turn. That's Garosugil main street (actually the street name is Garosu, and gil means street in Korean). 

Softree is famous for it's HONEY CHIPS on Soft Ice Cream. You can choose if you want it with a cup or a cone (they have like colorful cones too!). You can also have ice cream with bread, etc. So many things on their menu but this is what they're known for. The texture of the ice cream is very soft, it tastes sweet, and I like it when they put a big block of honey chips on top of it. It's sticky and... has this texture.. It's just so good. I think one cup is around 5,000won ($5/Rp 50,000). 

Here's a map on how to go to the one in Garosugil, if you dont have the time to go to the one in Garosugil, you can try the one in Hongdae. I know they now have one too in Hannamdong, Ichon, and several other locations now. They're like seriously EVERYWHERE. If you're going on weekend, the line is gonna be hideously long. Remember those lines for Sour Sally? Yeah.. something like that. Just checked the map, and they have Softree in 7 locations. I hope you can understand my direction, just tweet me if you dont know where to go ^^
- SINSA STATION - Line 3 (Orange Line) Exit 8. Walk straight until you see MISSHA and go left. Just walk straight, until you see DIESEL on your left and Sognare (Italian restaurant, bricks, big teddy bear and wine bottles at the front) make a right. You will see MUG FOR RABBIT Cafe on your right and LOW CLASSIC Store up in front. Make a left (the 1st alley - there are 4 alleys there). And then you'll see the line- hopefully not tho.

-HONGDAE IBGU (Hongdae Station) - Line 2 (Green Line) Exit 9. Go straight from exit 9, until you see a big intersection, make a left. Then walk until you see H&M, and cross the street to TONY MOLY direction. Just walk straight, you will see Etude on your left, keep walking straight. Softree will be inside this store called AROUND THE CORNER (a mint green- glass building) and it would be on your right. 

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  1. They have one in Lotte Department Store at Myeongdong. I've never tried it though, will give it a shot. Xx


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