January 6, 2014

Dessert Time!

I was so happy when I found out that one of my favorite shower gels is now available in Jakarta. I found out about it when I was in Melbourne trying to find the perfect shower gel for my younger brother. Since he's very active and all.. He needs something very refreshing and smells good too at the same time. So when I was browsing at the supermarket , i found this cute-unique -bottles.. with something green inside and I sniffed it. I was like whoaaa!!! This thing is so amazing . The mint aroma is really strong, just by smelling it you feel clean and fresh. But anyway, it's true because the mint is really strong, once you use it the mint is like giving you a tingling sensation all over your body. . 

Most of you know that I LOVE eating DESSERT. Well, most likely anything that will give me that instant "high" (i only get high from sugar ok). I don't really like vanilla but this one has a very nice raspberry smell. It smells nice inside the bottle, it’s even smells nicer like a CAKE when you use it . It feels like you're having a vanilla & raspberry dessert when you're taking shower. It's so interesting how I remember I've eaten something like this but I couldn't pin what kind of ingredient it was until I try this Original Source. 

Anyway... Original Source can be found in Guardian stores ! You also can follow them on Original Source Indonesia Facebook and @OriginSourceID Twitter :D

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