January 7, 2014

Early Winter

 photo by streetper
MIU MIU Sunglasses / ZARA Mix Pattern Shawl / STYLE NANDA Dress / 
ZARA Coat / ISABEL MARANT Dicker Boots / MARNI Clutch

I think it was early November, I went to Apgujeong late afternoon because they had this market thing. I ended up buying a Beyond Closet Pet Sweatshirt that I've been wanting for the longest time. By the time I was about to leave, someone approached me and asked for my picture. I said yes thank you blablabla after that he gave me his card (in Seoul every single street photographer that I've met.. they gave me their name card) when I saw "STREETPER" on it I was like WTH... I've been following streetper on ig, twitter, and facebook. The experience was quite surreal knowing one of your favorite streetstyle photographer took your pic ya know. 
Anyways, my hair looks ugly as you can see. But it's not like that anymore!!! I dyed my hair before I went back for good. Hahaha I really hate it when my roots start showing.. I look like a freaking cinko -.- That's why I decided just to dye it back to my natural hair color, so I dont have to go to salon in Jakarta to dye my hair again and again -mainly because I dont trust Indonesian salon to dye my hair tho.
When this picture was taken the weather was so good, it's not too cold. If you guys want to go to Korea, make sure you skip Jan-Feb and July-August. Because it's during those four months, the weather is either VERY COLD; or VERY HUMID/HOT. Hahaha anyways! Have a good week everyone :) Ah.. I miss Korea....
photo by streetper
photo by raonstreet


  1. Eonni you are soooo pretty..perfect as hell.. im a big fan of youuu .. :)

  2. Eonni you are soooo pretty..perfect as hell.. im a big fan of youuu .. :)

  3. Carol..gue follow banyak streetstyle photographer korea and amaze mereka bener"niat kesana kemari kaga kaya disini.

  4. you look stunning carol!


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