January 14, 2014


LOW CLASSIC Black Knit Sweater / ZARA Maxi Skirt & Necklace / ISABEL MARANT x H&M Boots / MARNI Clutch

Photo was taken by 김진철. It has been almost one month since I left Seoul. I wish I could stay there more. I miss the bus, the subway, the food... I can't handle traffic in Jakarta like seriously. It gives me so much stress just to think how to get to one place. This picture was taken few weeks before I left Jakarta, like few days after I dyed my hair black to super dark brown. 
I really like this knitwear cus it's very thick which really comfy for winter, and LOW CLASSIC is one of my favorite Korean designer. The top back and front has different length, and has a like a "pocket" holes at the front. Can't really see here, cus I don't have the details shot unfortunately. Definitely this top has become one of my faves :D
These days I've been waiting for something. Something for my future. I just hope I can be more patient, cus I'm not patient when I don't know what's in front me. I need to know. I just hope my dream comes true hahaha! Have a good week ahead :)


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