January 20, 2014

Welcome To The Zoo

Honestly I love detailss and everytime I see runway photos I always go to the "details" section and see all the fabulous pieces in much a closer look. So, last night THOM BROWNE had his Fall Winter 2014 Show.. and I guess the theme was ZOO. Cus the models were all wearing all these animals shape headpieces. So pretty. I want all of them and decorate my room with it. Cus I like everything about Thom Browne show last night I don't know how am I supposed to post this. LOL So I'll just post like all the crazy details first! Overall for me the show feels like a dark fairty tale, very enchanting... All photos are from style.com

The show continues with leaves... Lots of leaves falling down from the tree to the jackets.. shoes... hats.. EVERYTHING. Details are very pretty, well detailed, like OMG I have no words really.

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