February 9, 2014

Battle of the Pockets

Alexander Wang collection for Fall 2014 is really something (especially because he moved the show to Brooklyn and they hv this private boat to take care of the guests.. how sweet!) But anyways.. Apart from the lovely outerwears from the collection, I wanna talk about the BAGS.. and the similarity i found it with LOW CLASSIC Pocket Bag.. keep on reading...

How cool are they? It's like very structured, no crazy patterns.. Very simple, clean, and just full with details- a pocket for every single thing. I really like the small round bag with some red foori (yes i like to say foori instead of fury for fur LOL) thingy.. The bags are really like cool-feminine-tomboyish feel.. BUT! These bags really.. (and the pockets for the coat) remind me of something.. LOW CLASSIC Bags. Low Classic is one of my favorite Korean brands.. They're very.. interesting, and I just really can wear everything they have... Love their sweater! Anyways.. The Pocket Bag has been around for some time (like 2 years maybe? Susie Bubble had the bag in 2012) and its quite of an "IT" bag in Seoul.. Which one you prefer? Wang or Low Classic? Low Classic has several color options, I have no idea how to get it online, cus it seems it's only available for Korea only. But if you have the chance to go to Korea, you can visit Low Classic flagship store at Garosugil (it's near one of my favorite BINGSOO and Ice Cream place) YEAY :D 

photos from lowclassic and style

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  1. It's difficult to choose which one is the most fave, both Wang's and Low Classic are supercool.
    But my heart still goes to Alexander Wang.



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