February 16, 2014

Clear Blue Sky

Queenstown, New Zealand
December 2013

Took these pictures back in December during my family trip to New Zealand. It was my third time visiting Queenstown and it's still as beautiful as I remember -my pictures don't do any justice really. Thinking it was summer in NZ, I packed a lot of summer clothes, apparently the weather was unexpectedly cold. I didnt have any blazers packed except this one, and didnt have my rain boots since it was floating somewhere between Seoul and Jakarta. Anyways.. The good news is after one and a half month of waiting, six (big) boxes of my things have finally arrived in Jakarta. I'm reunited again with my Korean books (and magazines) -which reminds me I have to brush up on my Korean, my bed cover, my cute mugs, my coats, most of my shoes, and some of clothes.. yeay! Can't say I don't miss Korea.. I hope I can visit Seoul as soon as possible... Have a good week ahead people!


  1. OH MY HEAVEN GOD ! superb scenery !!!!!
    Kakak aku kuliah di sana kero! tp udah mau balik sih. Nyesel ga sempet ke sana. so beautiful !
    and of course km juga cantik as always

  2. beautiful pictures and I wish someday I could visit NZ and Korea :D



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