February 4, 2014

The Wonderful Emma Watson

Since a week ago I've been like dying posting this pics! Finally the whole spread is out, and I'm still hoping for BTS video or something. Doesn't Emma look like a doll here? Seriously? She looks so stunning, very high fashion in that Prada dress... Looking so cute with Douglas Booth~ her fello cast in the new upcoming movie, Noah. Emma gracing two covers for Wonderland Magazine February Issue plus she's the guest editor as well! I hope I can get this magazine! I really ike her in the prada dress, updo, looking so chic. And the one with the black beret, cute!

source: snitchseeker


  1. Personally, I think it's not her best effort. Too much Photoshop. To me, Emma has never been a very good model. She lacks the wow factor. She is photogenic, but not charismatic. She is also not a very good writer. Her interview skills were so mediocre I cringed the whole time reading her section.


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