October 11, 2015

to cut or not to cut?

So the question is, to cut or not to cut? Bangs? Straight bangs? No Bangs? Layer? No layer? How short? Pixie? Shoulder? Above the shoulder? A bit below the shoulder? Decision decision.. To be honest I'm the type of girl who doesn't really like going to salon, I can't stand sitting down there, waiting for my hair to get washed, cut, washed, blow-dried, so many steps... Unfortunately, contradicting my statement just now, few months ago, I've been going to the salon once a week (even twice) to get a quick blow dry. My hair curler broke and I can't blow dry my own hair. I suck at hair styling, no joke. My hairstyle is called "I Tried".

Missy I like your hair
Anyways, I stopped going to the salon just to blow dry my hair, cus I felt it was a waste of money, so.. now I just.. air-dry it, and twist my hair into a bun using a hair clip, hoping I will have a natural beach wave hair (HAIR GOAL) or what do you call it, sex hair? That natural, effortlessly tousled hair.. Man.. I'M A SUCKER FOR THAT LOOK. 
However, my friend once told me that I should stop aiming for the impossible. I'm Asian so I should forget having that dream hair of mine. He said, "Only caucasian can have that hairstyle" Which is somehow true, my hair is kind of dry and frizzy, thank God it has volume, it doesn't have texture (like Blake Lively). Sigh.. So I guess I should move on..

Sometimes I like that clean slick look, however back to problem number 1, I suck at hair styling. However, it's been 6 months since my last haircut, so my hair right now is soooo ugly. So here I am, right now, writing here... Trying to find my next hair cut. So what should I do to my hair? Cut it? Short? I know I shouldn't cut it short, trust me, I have the balls to do it however the regret that come afterwards.. I can't cope with it. I will be so sad and cranky if I cut it too short. So I guess I'll go to the a bit below the shoulder length. The length where I can still style my hair into a ponytail. Let me know if you have suggestions. 
No way I'll cut this short, but I like this style
Clemence Poesy
obsessed with short hair :/
or maybe, I should dye my hair again. HA!

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