January 19, 2016


Last week, the sweet people of Cotton Ink invited me over to their #cottoninkstore in Kemang Timur 74C, to join their brunch ! I was so excited..! Saw the invitation, I figured the theme would be 'tropical', and I was right. Colorful flowers, pineapples, and those small umbrellas on your drinks filled the table.
How cute is that lemon name sign and pineapple vase?!
Thank God there was no traffic so I arrived pretty much on time. Not my first visit to the store, the first time I delivered the flower arrangements for their first ever brunch! I think the store is very cute, very homey, and definitely a good place to take ootd pics.

Comfort Zone
We were playing dress up, taking pictures -lots of them, and most importantly we ate good food. There was this bun from 'GO BUN' - and I wonder if they really sell their buns in package for goban (read; for  go-bun) aka 50k rupiah. Please someone give me the answer, I'm really curious.
Glad I could be a part of the event, met new people and exchanged some fun stories that includes Korean dramas (who wouldve thought, right?) 
Top L-R : Nazla Alifa, Vira Octavira, Dindra Nashriyah
Bottom L-R : Elisa Kuswari, Anastasia Anindya, Kero, Astrityas

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  1. Cantikkk banget ci hehehe..
    salam kenal ya.
    mampir2 ke blogku yolandangelina28.blogspot.com


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