January 15, 2016

new year new...

So in October, I was thinking to get a hair cut. I've never been sure when it comes to my hair plus I don't like cutting it short. Why? Cause I know the second I cut it, I will regret it - well okay not the second after, but at least one day later I will regret. How do I know? Experience. 

I had this shroom (mushroom) hair back in 2009, oh boy please don't try to look for it. It's hideous. I don't even know why I had the balls to cut it. It took me 4 freaking years to have my long locks back. 

But suddenly, oh the lobs are so in- plus I'm a complete amateur in hair styling. The only thing that I can use is Beauphoria's automatic curler - and sometimes I even have troubles using it. Another thing, my hair went all frizzy when I dyed it back in 2013 (Korean Wavesss yall). Hairloss, dryscalp, amateur styling, the list goes on. So I decided, what the heck I cut my hair. Not short though, I like that I still can tie it up. It's a mob - moody bob. Cause it's my hair style, and I'm moody. 

What do you think? So far no complains yet, I cut it on 30 Jan 2015, I know it's the cliche new year new hair thing but I do really hope for better things in 2016. So guys, Happy New Year. May the best things happen this year xo

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  1. nice kak! Me also, got a lion hair. And I think my hair suits the bob best :) But, yes, every morning need to style em up.

    BTW, it's nice hearing from you from this blog again :)


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