June 9, 2016

pre-birthday post #1: hair

hi guys! it's been a while since my last post! Sorry about that, as always have been busy with work and traveling haha. i should really make more time to write this blog, since it's gonna be (officially) our 7th anniversary soon! can you believe that? actually started blogging even way back before, i don't even know when. anywhoo.. the birthday is gona be on June 20th. I will be giving away some cool stuffs. so make sure you stay tune on instagram/snapchat. 
BB Sunkissed Hair by @BlowPlusBarID
since my last blog post, i've changed my hair. twice. After the permanent blowout, I dyed my hair!!! The last time I dyed my hair was in 2013; when i was still in Korea. Back then I didn't trust Indonesian stylist to do it, but since I was convinced by my friends from @blowplusbarid that their hair coloring treatment won't do any real-harsh damage, so I did the "Sunkissed Hair" coloring treatment with them and I like the way I look now. I think brown suites me better than black hair? What do you think?

See the "sunkissed"effect? 
Hair on Point / Top by @itsaloes / Pants by ZARA / Shoes by Nine West 
Only after 2 weeks I dye my hair, I cut it short. I don't what was in my mind really. Me and Mkoes just sort did it. And as usual we took some #KeroKoes shots..

Short Hair by @andreaszhusalon

#KeroKoes wearing @shopatvelvet Tops
So that's part 1 of my update, pre-birthday posts. First one starts with my hair, gonna post more this week! If you have any questions regarding my salon or hair style, please drop a comment below, or on my IG! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Where did you do permanent blow out? And how much does it cost? Love your hair a lot!!


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