June 13, 2016

the weeknd

It's 7PM on a Sunday night.. How are you guys feeling? I hope all of you had fun this weekend! For myself, I began this weekend strong (but it leads to a lot of soreness). Strong means getting "tortured" by Ride Jakarta's chief - Gita on her private class session. Private class includes a 40 minute riding + 15 mins core and arm workout. Intense shit. But the best part it, you get to do it with your friends (with a minimum of 5 people) and request songs! With me, there were a lot of KPOP songs. Even one 4-minute song that I didn't even give/recommend to Gita. I was like whaaat.. Where did you get this song? I guess I managed to drag another girl into the big black hole of KPOP. The usual class provides different kind of song genre with different coach. For 45 minutes, you'll be challenged to run up the hill, ride easy, medium, hard, up, and down. You might feel so tired, but I think it's all worth it. After every class, I feel so happy, I also can see myself getting stronger (hopefully strong enough to start crossfit again) If you're interested in her torturing class, you can check out @ridejakarta on IG (I'm just joking about the torturing part, it's a really fun class. I'm addicted)
Can't wait for next weekend! Ready for the upcoming session. #BikiniBod we're coming!
JUMPSUIT @Milcah_ID / SANDALS Seed Heritage / BAG Cotton Ink / CHOKER Love and Flair
Taken by RHK
Sunday morning, I started my day by arranging a bouquet for one loyal client! Tried to make it special for his wife, as she is such a sweetheart! Her bouquet consist of; roses, eryngium, super cute buds of baby roses, carnations, and lots of eucalyptus.

 Finished with all the delivery for the day, me and my fam are ready for Sunday's mass. Since their opening day, I haven't been able to take my parents to St Ali, so that's where we're having lunch. Per Glo's (their chef) recommendation, I decided to get this beautiful dish of salmon. Can I just say? It's so good. Super loving the lightness of it, and the pomegranate just yum yum! My dad opted for "clean eating" (literally) since that's what he can only eat right now. Good coffee, yummy food, and great companion - I feel content and happy! 

After one afternoon spending time with my friends and their babies, now I feel tired. Man, age doesn't lie. So here I am writing this, thinking how I will plan my week ahead. So excited, can't wait to get back to riding and crossfit! Wishing you a week full of content peeps! xx

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