January 8, 2017

2017 and beyond

Happiest New Year 2017 y'all! Wishing you nothing but the best for the new year. Hope it's gonna filled with lots of opportunities, amazing chances, and of course fun adventure! 

Pretty sure the others would agree with me – 2016 gone by so fast. I wondered if I have made all the right choices / decisions in 2016. Anyways, mistakes were made, opportunities were taken or missed – I suppose everything happened for a reason. But I do wish this – I hope in 2017 annoying problems will be resolved. It is not good to keep rotten food long in the refrigerator for too long right?

One funny resolution that my boyfriend said that I should have taken into one is this – 'to stop wearing clothes like tukang satay'. I don't think I should listen right? Cus those baggy / oversized clothes are the best :P

A week has passed, how 2017 has treated you so far? For me, it's been good. This month I got featured on COSMO GIRL! January 2017 issue. Thank you COSMOGIRL! – all credit goes to my Val who took this pic when we were in Melbourne for Coldplay (and our siblings) 

I'm so excited for 2017, I'm really curious how things will go – how many new places I will travel to, how many new people I will get to meet... Let's not count the days, let's make the days count.

Seize it! Let's work hard and play hard !


  1. you always look stunning eventho it's minimalist. Love your style always Kk!

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