February 5, 2017

On Sunday We Wear Pink

Happy Sunday guys! Wishing you all of you a positive and great week ahead! Next week will be a busy week as we're entering Valentine period. So those of you who are still looking for a florist, don't forget to place your order for that loved one with Studio Jiro. We're still accepting orders until 7 Feb.

Anyways, today was a pretty good day – went to the church in the morning, had dim sums for brunch and lunch. Spent time with my family and friends. Need to do few arrangements for tomorrow's orders and I'm ready for the new week. 

I think on Friday last week, we discovered that Riccardo Tisci – Givenchy Creative Director exits the brand. I was in shock –really didn't know that it's going to happen like now. I think the fashion business are in shake with how the industry and trends are going. There are so many designers quitting the brand and moving around. Clare from Chloe also stepped down in the same week. Brands are changing directions and going towards the more street-lux look, brands hiring young and hip designers (e.g Demna from Vetements for Balenciaga), Supreme doing collab with Louis Vuitton (super smart business move), I've been feeling that Givenchy needs to create something again like what they did with the Rottweiler sweats, Nightingale bags, and studs –but didn't expect Tisci to exit this fast, he also didn't finish the women's FW17 collection, so there will be no Givenchy show in March. I'm really anxious and excited of the new era of Givenchy. Who will be the next successor? I kinda wish that a female designer would lead the team and give that feminine touch. Who do you think will take the reign? 

T-Shirt World Of Haru // Skirt Our Second Nature // Bag Rounn

Anyways, wore this skirt today and it's so comfy, and what would we love more other than pockets? 
 Will share with you my favorite collections from Givenchy on the next post... !


  1. your styling always inspired me Kak! It's simple but always good to see.

    btw, can you please make the text a bit bigger? hahaha, it's hard to see since it's too small :( Thank you! And pardon me ^^v

    1. thank you so much dear! Okay! Just made it one px larger hahaah :D

      Thanks for reading :)


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