February 4, 2017


Hello from my bed – it's 12:26AM and I just finished wrapping all the flowers for Saturday's order. Feeling so tired yet don't wanna waste time not being productive. While I'm listening to The Weeknd's I Feel It Coming – such a steamy song btw, I'll try to write this post. 

When Instagram launched the "Live" feature, the first thought that popped into my head was, "I don't think this feature is for me" Like what I'm gonna do? I don't think talking live is my strongest feature, I hate doing public speaking. But – after doing it several times... I think this could be an interesting platform – a new branch of creative content that I could dive into. I will try to come up with something for the section, or I'll just keep asking all of you to company me arranging flowers.
Anyways, one of the things that people ask me is to write more – so I'll try.  I was asked to do a post about the Spring Summer trends, I haven't got the time to collage all my favorite trends, so for a start I'll do a hair inspiration for 2017

Most of all of you might already know that I cut my hair! I did it at Blow Plus Bar in Lippo Mall Kemang. For the longest time, I have been thinking to cut my hair short, I'm really scared to cut it because I know that I'll regret it and plus my boyfriend doesn't like it. But anyways – life is short so YOLO. Back in December, along with my friend Bianca, we cut our hair and me being so YOLO – I dyed my hair too. 

The result is.... LOVE. I used this girl's haircut as a guideline, #pinterest, and FYI – I have like 4 other friends who use the same picture to show to their hairdresser. So I guess, short hair is the trend?
I think she's really pretty – anyone can tell me what's her IG?

Most people thought I also permed my hair, but I didn't. I asked the hairstylist to style my hair with a beach wave, which I really like. I like easy tousled and messy look. I don't think I can every do a super sleek hair. I like how things to be a bit undone. 

Unfortunately right now, being me – I don't really style my hair like this anymore. But when I do, I just use my trustee hair curler and curl my hair. But if you see me nowadays, I just put my hair in a half bun and VOILA! Hahahaha... It's not that bad right?

I'm thinking right now to cut it even shorter, so I can style my hair like this....

But I think before I cut my hair, I should fix the hair color first.. What do you think? 

Other styles that I think will go big in 2017 are prolly bangs, rose gold hair, undone – and raw looking styles.
Have a great weekend!

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