May 11, 2017


Few months back, I was— and still am honored to launch my first collaboration collection with Reves Studio. I believe that many of you should have known Reves by now, if not, let me introduce you to the dynamic duo behind the label. Both name Karina, started Reves with the purpose of dressing women with the essential designs to look sophisticated and classy. No doubt these two girls have won women heart with their signature designs (fyi, they always have suits and signature white shirts in every collection!), they have also won Cleo Fashion Award last year throughout their journey in the fashion industry –they sure are the dream team !

The collaboration collection focuses silhouettes and semi-fitted fittings. The designs mostly suit working attire with a selection of basic and essential colors that can be easily matched for your day-to-day OOTD. Why suits? Cus I love them, I love how I can wear my suits for either formal or casual events. You can check the full collection here. If you notice, every look has v-neck line– cause it's my favorite neck line as it shows a little bit without giving too much exposure. When we did the designs, the outerwear are easily styled, can be worn multi-way ! what’s not to like about that?

Finally I wanna say thank you to REVES Studio team again, thank you for making me a part of this journey, such a mile stone in my life! You can buy the collection straight at OR Galeries Lafayette! Thank you everyone for your immense support! Much love xo

Photographed by Hilarius Jason Pratana
Brushed by Winnie Neuman

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