May 16, 2017

That Little Black Dress

Dress KURO // Jacket ALAND // Shoes MARC JACOBS 

Often we wear black because it's the easiest decision. However, little black dress is more than just an easy piece. It is truly a classic, and with the right styling.. There are so many look that you can create for multiple events. 

Few years back, I almost had no black outfit. I don't really like to wear black, because I think it's too depressing. However, eventho I didn't like black, I still loved black dresses. I was so into that 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' idea. It's so classy – back then and now, my style identity still remain the same. I always like that cool sense, feminine yet boyish look. Pairing up cool pieces with totally classic item is something that I always like to do. 

So for instance, this very feminine flare cut black dress from KURO – I chose a vintage pink denim jacket that I got few years back in Aland Korea (need to put some pins, cus they're sick!). What to wear? Not heels, but a pair of white sneakers. Really love how it looks at the end... What do you think? You can also match it with bomber jackets or even blazers...

For a different occasion, of course you can still wear that little black dress with just a simple pointed toe heels (they make your legs look longer!)... 

Dress KURO // Heels Christian Louboutin // Sunglasses Gentle Monster


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