July 24, 2017

Pinstripes Monday

DRESS Bel.Corpo // BLAZER Reves Studio // SHOES Celine // BAG Loewe

Who said wearing clothes to work have to be boring? With the right versatile pieces, you can totally upgrade your look.

It's no big secret that I love outerwears – especially blazers. LOVE them. Why? With blazers, their cut and shape is pretty much formal. However, pairing them with let's say t-shirts and jeans, your look can be totally casual.  Not only jeans, you can also wear shorts even! Different pieces, different style.

So back to office look, I had an event last Thursday – so decided to put on this Bel Corpo dress. Totally love it since the first time, and when I put it on – instant love affair. Good fabric, and what made me fall in love more is the pattern play and hem cut at the bottom. Pinstripe is also a really cool pattern that is totally acceptable for corporate looks. Still look formal but not too heavy. Key style: navy/white pinstripes are the best. 

Not forgetting how cold my office is, I put on my Reves Studio x Kero blazers and belt it up. The idea is to give it a new shape, where the asymmetrical hem cut will pop up under the blazers. When the weather gets too hot, you can just simply take it off and put it over your shoulders

Not too hard right? Don't forget your sunnies, and I would suggest crossbody box bag for the look!

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