August 18, 2017

Independence Day Dive

Happy Independence Day Indonesia!! On the occasion, yesterday I spent the day diving at Pulau Seribu. Not the first time diving there (already my third time!), however it's the perfect location if you want to do a one day trip dive with no hassle (because it's only 1 hour boat ride away)

Anyways, our main objective for the dive trip was to plant corals. The island for this particular activity is located at Pulau Sepa. It's one of the famous island in Pulau Seribu. They have a decent resort with wide varieties of water sports. After a bumpy and sleepy ride to the island, we geared up and ready to dive!

For a day trip dive, usually you can do a maximum of 3 dives. So yesterday, the plan was dive 1-2 to plant corals, and save the last dive to explore the other dive sites.
Right on the first dive me and Rhein managed to plant the corals, well more like tie the corals with wire to the biorock. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the whole experience. I thought we're going to receive the whole education about corals itself and the 'coral planting' idea in my mind is that we going to cut some corals and place it on the reefs. Apparently it's being done on a bio rock, looks like a steel framework of pyramid or tunnel shape that are being flown and the corals will grow faster. Using the technology, the corals can grow faster by 6-8times. It takes a very long time for corals to grow. So dive carefully!!
Each corals that we "plant" on to the biorock are tagged with a number, so the next time we go there we can see whether our corals are growing or not, we shall see.

Since we pretty much want to dive to the other dive sites, we directly go for Papateo for our second dive. It's a wreck dive site so we got to see the wreck of Papateo ship. Sadly, the visibility sucks so bad. We thought moving farther away from Pulau Sepa would be better, apparently it wasn't. I I think because of the weather was pretty cloudy, and I heard if you want to dive in Papateo, you have to dive in the morning, when the waves on the surface is calmer. Eventho some of us got sea sick, by the time we hit the water and descend into the blue sea, we felt better instantly.

Thankfully, eventho the water was so murky, we can still see how there's a lot of soft corals I've on the wreck which I didnt see the last time I went diving at Papateo. This is what I like about diving, every dive the experience will be different. It's all about the weather, timing, and season. So uncertain but it makes it very interesting.

Starving from 2 dives and early morning call, we finally head to Pulau Sekati for lunch. It's a private island where we can dock our ship and rest for a bit.
Swimsuit by KEROKOO

After group pic, we went to dive right at Pulau Sekati, after diving around 5-10 mins finally we found this beautiful site. It's like untouched with so many wide varieties of soft corals live around the reefs. I really want to go there again in a hope the visibility could be better.
Ren managed to take this pic below with gopro. I really think dive sites in Indonesia are still the best, never dive anywhere outside tho, but from what I heard and read... There are so many things in Indonesia that you can see. So, explore Indonesia! Happy Independence Day!

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