August 7, 2017

Post Card From / +65 Recap

Happy Monday everyone! Lucky me, I just got back from Singapore for my friend's wedding and today I have to call in sick because I'm right now on my bed with a very bad flu.

Flew to Singapore on Saturday morning – arrived at the hotel around 2:30PM local time. I've been mesmerised with this beautiful hotel when I visited Singapore last year, it's the Park Royal at Pickering Hotel. The hotel has this amazing vertical garden that decorates the building which I think becomes one of Singapore's 'IT' accommodation location. 

I made a reservation at Populus for our late lunchРit is my favorite brunch place in Singapore. I love their Grain Bowl (image above), it is a mix of saut̩ed veggies with meat in the middle. Everytime I visit Singapore, I will make sure that I will go there (I even take my friends to go there with me hahaha). Travel tips: better book before you come to ensure your table! I use 'chope' application to reserve. Around Populus area, they have this famous walls for you can take picture at hahaha.
After our late lunch, the day was pretty much a blur. We had some titipan so we have to go around the city, and made sure we go to our restaurant reservation by 9PM. Our first destination was the newly opened – Dover Street Market (it's at Dempsey). Honestly, I was surprised because I thought the 'warehouse' looking place would be bigger. I expected a fun place, but instead I felt suffocated when I was there (maybe because I'm a bit claustrophobic as well?) There was a lot of things on display, with all the wire gates in the middle, so many things going on everywhere. It was not that super crowded tho, so I dont know what made my experience to DSM not so pleasant.

Anyways, I did find a super nice Jacquemus Jacket that I would really love to have.....
From DSM – we went straight away to Orchard, traveling with bus again. I feel so happy everytime I get the chance to use public transportation. I enjoy walking a lot, so since I cannot do it in Jakarta (outside SCBD area) might as well, maximise all the time we have to go around by feet or bus or train.

Pretty much that's it for day 1. I started my second day with running. What the hell I got myself into? Ren loves running, so he dragged my ass to go with him to MacRitchie Reservoir. Couple who works out together, stays together, right? HAHAHA 

 It's quite nice, with the "lake". The track itself is a trail hahaha. I obviously did not run with Ren, because hahaha I cannot run. So I ran by myself, did a 4K. Decided to end my run when I got back to the first location and see the beautiful lake view, with all the canoes and all, it's hard for me not to take pictures!
After burning all of our fats, we went to Toast Box, ordered 2 sets of kaya toasts with eggs. Wasn't so satisfied, we went to McDonalds for a burger and a hash brown. HAHAHAHA The rest of the day, we went for our friend's wedding – Tryphena and Thomas. Met some people who I didn't expect to see. The world is indeed very very small – that's why we should always be kind to each other :)
Anyways, that's the end of it. From the wedding, we went straight to the hotel to pick up our luggage, and off to the airport. We'll be going again to Singapore in September, if you have other cafes/places recommendation, please let us know!

See you x 

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