September 6, 2017

Career / Interviews Tips & Tricks

Hi everyone! Back with career post with me Kero.. How's everyone doing? I hope everything is well with you guys! So, before we go to the next chapter of my career journey, I want to share a bit with you guys some tips how to nail your job interviews! The list is based on my personal experiences, some are applicable for general readers, but for you fashion lova, I have some tricks up on my sleeves too.. So let's start!

I know you might be nervous, zillion things are happening inside your head. You really want this job, whether you're interviewing for your first job ever or for your next career opporunity, RELAX. I've been to quite some job interviews, and you know what happened when I don't relax? I failed. Nothing came out of my mouth, inside my brain? nada. I didn't know what to say, I could not think, basically I didn't answer right on point.

Tips: Usually on your first step for job interviews, you will get interviewed by HR Dept. The questions will be about you. It will start with something like "So, tell me about yourself" What you need to do here is, show your personality. Be confident from the start. I find that it's okay to have a little fun as well, interviews don't have to be all serious. Be smart and be honest. Tell them what's your passion, what drives you, a bit of your education background, some trivia facts, and your goals in life.

Don't lie. Whether it's on paper or verbally. The world is very small already, imagine how it is in a certain industry, it becomes smaller. People will talk, whether you know them or not, so always be yourself and be proud of it. Don't lie about your previous salary or job (especially stupid ones) just to get a higher salary. Some HR would check to the company, or even ask for your salary slip! One time, I interviewed someone, and she wrote that she received  X million amount (more than 2 million) as an intern, and I'm like... "GURLLLLLL" Come on, everyone knows you don't really get paid much as an intern (even sometimes you only get shopping vouchers)

Keep in mind to keep things to yourself too, just like chatting with your crush, you don't want race to the end and blurt everything out. Be selective in what you say, but never lie.

One thing that you should do before you come into an interview, is to do research about the company and the job scope that you're applying to. Let's say you're applying to MAP, make sure you know in general what are the brands they handle, when you got asked which MAP brands you like.. (99% of the time, people will answer ZARA), don't say brands that ARE not inside the company (it happened). As for the job scope you're applying for, even when you don't have any work experience, do research – google '(job title) job scope'. It's very important you know what you're getting yourself into. Show that your willingness to learn about something new

Tips: In general, you will get asked if you know anything about the job you're applying for. Example: in retail, when you apply as a marketing, you will get asked "What do you do as a marketing?" Answer like you know everything about it, even if you haven't done it before, you can always learn later on. Be creative with your answer, think outside the box. Companies are hiring people who can bring something new to the table, it's important for them to see that in YOU. Once I asked the same question to an interviewee, her answer was "we do events" and I was "uhum.. and?"

After dealing with the HR, you will get interviewed with your 'user' aka the superior (there can be 2 or 3 layers even! It depends), on these steps, they will ask again about you, keep it shorter. HR will most likely briefed them already about your plus and minus. Then the users will ask more likely about experience, job scopes, more technical stuff that related to the job. Charm them with your knowledge and don't forget to... 

When asked, answer with confidence. And don't take too long to think, although it's hard to do it when you're nervous. Don't based your answers only on theory, find similar case studies, or even friends' stories. Show passion in your answers, always speak up your mind! Don't forget prepare yourself the night before (but don't overdo it, it's not a freaking examination, it's an interview!)


Sleep early, have a good rest before your interview. If you don't sleep well the night before, you can feel groggy and not be on top of your game. Eat well, eat breakfast! It's crucial to feed your body, so you can think properly. When you're hungry, you won't be able to focus

My advice might be quite different here for those who wants to apply for fashion retail and professionals. When you apply for fashion retail companies, make sure you don't wear white shirt and black pencil skirt. Honey, this ain't bank.. Dress with style, just like what you wear during weekends, but make it office appropriate. Stay chic! Example; you like wearing t-shirt and jeans? Wear a blazer and kitten heels to make it proper. Not sure about the jeans? Change it to dark color culottes. With fashion companies, make sure you have the style, especially when you're a marketing, you should be able to represent yourself well. Remember not to overdo your make up as well!


When you go to professionals job interviews (Banking, Finance) more serious corporate jobs, I think you should play it safer, wear dark colors, keep it monotone. But remember to always keep it chic! I have friends who work in finance and they look amazing!

Lastly, always be positive! No ones like negativity. Smile, greet people, and always be polite. You don't know which one is your future colleagues or future boss, so always smile. Create good impression. Try to remember their names too... 

Tips: When you meet your interviewer outside work, don't forget to greet them! There is a possibility that they don't remember you, but at least you said Hi! 

Ok, to make sure you're ready, here are some questions that usually they would ask during job interivews.. Good luck!

Tell us about yourself? 
What is your greatest strength and weaknesses?
(if it's not your first job) Why are you looking for a new job opportunity?
(if it's not your first job) What did you do at your previous job?
Why do you want to work at this organisation? And What do you know about it?

Can you tell us regarding your position with a tree chart?
(if it's not your first job) What did you do at your previous/current job that make a difference/impact?
What are your interests?
Why should we hire you?
Are you good with xxx skill?
and more likely some personal stuffs like your family backgrounds

Okay so.. Hopefully it will help you guys! Just leave a comment or DM me on instagram if you have questions.... Have a great day!


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  2. Thanks ka kero for the article! It's full of insights and really helpful. Hopefully, I could use this tips & tricks sooner (still waiting for some answers from several companies). Well, actually I would like to ask you how should I improve my resume? And is it possible to actually change a career path? I've been working for almost 3 years in an online media company as marcomm. Meanwhile, i graduated with business management as my major. I started doubting myself and I don't know how to change my career path. I'm willing to work in fmcg or retail both as a marketer or as a merchandiser. But I don't have the confidence because no one is calling me for an interview. I think I'm lost ka


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