November 20, 2017

Stylish and Fit with Raquel

Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since my blog post have so busy with work – mian! However, this month is a very special month because finally.. My latest collaboration with RAQUEL is out!!

What is Raquel? Raquel is an Indonesian womenswear brand. They focus on lingerie & undergarments. Last year I was introduced to try one of their products and after that I'm hooked. I swear by it. You don't need to worry about their quality even tho they have an affordable price point, as the people behind it have been in the lingerie/underwear industry for more than 30 years, so... they definitely know what they're doing. After focusing on undergarments for a while, they decided to explore on activewear. I've been using their activewear line as well, why? Because it's affordable but with good quality. I like to look good when I work out (duh!) and it's hard on the pocket when you want lots of sportsbra from Nike or Adidas or even Lululemon. So thank God for Raquel and it's always great when you can support the locals!

 Few things that I like the most about their products other than the price; first – stretchy and light fabric. Their sportsbra and bottoms hug your body like a glove. second – I have problems with Nike/Adidas bottoms' length. Usually, it will fall above my ankle and the selangkangan length is too short for my height. But with Raquel, everything fits just nicely.

So, when Fread asked me to collaborate with Raquel I'm like HELL YEAH! After sessions of brainstorming and fittings.. We finally came to this. 3 sportsbra, 2 outerwears, and 2 bottoms. I still prefer black and grey to my sports attire. However, a dash of pink wouldn't hurt anybody (yes, I love pink).

Since I have fuller chest it's also very hard for me to find the right sportsbra, nailing their take on lingerie, Raquel does not disappoint with their sportsbra. Supportive yet still stylish and not sleazy. The sportsbra collection have 3 different styles. Halter (covered chest), grey with round neckline, and black with v neckline (me and my v-necks obsession..) As for the bottoms, there will be 2 lengths, calf and ankle. I prefer exercising in long length bottoms compared to shorts. And of course, finally the outerwears are complimentary to the looks. One is sleeveless and the other one is a take of ballerina's boleros (yes, i have a secret obsession with ballerinas).

For the price range... Sportsbras start from Rp 439,900, Bottoms start from Rp 549,000, and outerwears start from Rp 340,900

You may shop the full collection on RAQUEL site ( or click here

Check out our campaign pictures below;
Photographed by @sgh90
 Make Up by @lyratelier 
Special thanks to @misspermana

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