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Okay so.. Let's just say this.. If you're going to follow my twitter.. and my blog... Just be ready to read my updates around those 5 boys above. Yes, I'm a (very proud) VIP. BIGBANG is my favorite KPOP group. What made me love them? Well, at first what made me notice them (aside from their hair) is their Louboutins and other luxury brands, that make your jaw drop. Well, first time I started watching them I was like "Wait... Isn't KPOP group supposed to be wearing ridiculous similar outfit?" Yeah.. So what attracted me to them is their fashion choices (Ji Eun unnie, pls take me with you shopping). If you're interested in seeing what they're wearing.. You can check my BB fashion blog > bigbangswaq

Who is my bias? My bias is GD. and TOP. and now Seung-Chan also. but OMG Bae is just the nicest guy, and Daesung's smile is like a freaking angel. HAHAHA (im being weird am I?) Well, if you wanna know more, maybe you should just follow my twitter, or if you're so curious about these boys.. You should just watch few of my favorite songs from them (this is really hard)

So last year (2011), I only got the chance to watch GTOPRi during F1, but this year I've been exceptionally blessed to finally see them in person (and a really closeeeeeeeee one) five of them, for their ALIVE world tour. Hopefully next year I'd be able to watch them in Korea, and also for GD's solo concert, and also... watching their pre-recording, and YG FAM Con, etc etc.

Oh, I also listen to other KPOP songs as well.. I like Epik High, 2NE1 (YG FAMILY~!), Super Junior, SNSD, Miss A, Leessang, well pretty much if the song is good I'll listen to them ^^~ Until then.. Annyeong :D