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Freja Beha for SAINT LAURENT PARIS Pre Fall 2013 Campaign

/ May 11, 2013 /


im so excited to see Freja's new work these days. Tbh we're hardly seeing her walking again, and i really miss her walking on the runway, so its good to know she's still staring for the latest campaigns for Valentino, and now.. Saint Laurent. In my opinion, Freja is somehow perfect for the brand. She has this feminine face, but also has this certain of roughness and edge. Perfect for the "punk"ish feminine vibe that Saint Laurent has. I really love the pictures but somehow i just wanna lift her chin up cus we barely see her face facing up :/ or maybe that's the theme of the campaign? "look down?"




fuckable asians in b&w

/ January 28, 2013 /

4 HOT PEOPLE according to me in this world. fucking hot asians. Model Lee Soo Hyuk, Model Sen Mitsuji, G-Dragon, and TOP. I've come into a conclusion that I have this thing with skinny guys - preferably stylish and if they have tattoo that also hot factor (but not TOP or SooHyuk, cus TOP - he never reveals skin.. as SooHyuk I dont think he has one). Yeah.. Pretty much this is my ideal physic for a guy. Tall (more or same with me is tall) - skinny - and stylish

image source tumblr / hoyasnap

y u m i

/ January 7, 2013 /
my favorite ss13 ad. period.

starring my new favorite model. yumi lambert. period.


/ November 21, 2012 /
Say hello to.. SEN MITSUJI

Totally my type. Hiiiiiiiii *stupid voice* OMG I have never liked a male model this much. He's totally my type. Like.. skinny but kind of muscular-ish, stylo, have this smile, he looks funny... rite? He also has this Leap tattoo on his side neck like Freja (which I really love... NECK PORNN). And he's just the cutest evaaaaaaar. period. He also has this blog that he always updates.. Anyways,  some of my friends tell me that he has this GD vibe.. Uhmm is that why? But anyways.. Sen is a mix between Japanese and Australian. He's a model and already have a girlfriend (ME!).


going to be creepy and post his topless pic..... (i'm not usually like this)....
Picture This 4



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